Apple iPhone 13: Here’s what we know so far

As autumn approaches, Apple’s fans are waiting impatiently to discover the annual addition to the iPhone arsenal. Expected to be released mid-September, with hopefully fewer delays than last year, the iPhone 13 line-up will feature some big improvements.  

So, maybe you’re waiting to decide if you should go for the full upgrade or settle for the (soon-to-be discounted) iPhone 12? With a new notch design, better cameras, improved processor and even a major change to battery capacity… Here’s what we know so far: 


With an assumption that these new phones could follow the continuation trend with the name “iPhone 12s”, what we’ve heard is that this year’s new devices are so different a whole new Series’ name is needed. With similar product names as before, there would be four devices: iPhone 13, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max. In Apple’s case, we’re betting the number 13 will not be unlucky for some.  

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Rumour has it that the iPhone 13 phones will be the same dimensions as the iPhone 12’s, designed with flat edges but slightly thicker and easier to hold.  

You probably know how Apple likes to surprise us with new colours every year, we are preparing ourselves for a matte dark black – sounds amazing! 


As we said before, the new devices will probably have the same screen size as the iPhone 12 (5.4″, 6.1″, 6.1″ and 6.7″). HOWEVER, the front notch will be reduced by 30% width to leave more space on the screen AND with an added new LTPO display technology (low-temperature polycrystalline oxide designed for OLED Screens and developed by Apple, like the one already used on the Apple Watches). 

As an extra, a rumour has been suggesting that the new series will feature an always-on display with a clock and battery (also just like the Apple Watches, we see a pattern forming here…) 

Another great feature that may be added by Apple this year (and would be very helpful) is an in-display Touch ID fingerprint reader. After seeing people struggling to use the Face ID function with their masks during COVID, Apple has hopefully leapt into action to find an alternative. 


In good news, we’ve heard that all four iPhone 13 will get the same camera features. (YES!!!!) 

The iPhone 13 mini and iPhone 13 could have a LiDAR Scanner added (currently only on the Pro and Pro Max). This is a huge change that would make a big difference to people who loved the camera features on the Pro devices but wanted a standard-size phone. 

There could also be some improvement to the portrait mode, offering better stabilisation: all devices will feature sensor-shift OIS function.  

The Ultra-Wide camera may also get upgraded from 5P (f/2.4) and fixed focus (FF) currently to 6P (f/1.8) and autofocus (AF). 

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Like every year, Apple has built a new chipset: the A15. If we trust these rumours, this will bring a 10-15% improvement in iPhone performance.  

Something that everyone is seriously hoping for is better battery life. Reports have said that Apple is working on improving the battery capacity quite significantly for the iPhone 13, with the battery capacity of the iPhone 13 Pro Max going up to 4352mAh (currently 3687mAh) by getting bigger batteries. The ameliorated A15 chip will also help reduce the power consumption by about 15-20%. Apple know that the biggest draw of Android is the superior battery capacity, and we for one are thrilled that they seem to finally be addressing this. 

Let’s keep all our fingers crossed that that all these rumours are true, and we’ll be seeing the new iPhone 13 devices being more powerful, more equal and more durable. I don’t know about you, but we are excited to discover them! 

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