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Frequently Asked Questions

Buying Process

How long does the process take?

It depends on our customer’s need, but we always aim for a 2 working day turn around.

How can I track my order?

You will receive a confirmation order email where you’ll see a tracking number. 

Is there a minimum number of handsets I must order?

No. We are as passionate about serving our sole traders as we are about serving our corporates.  Our smallest customers have only one handset, our biggest have over 2,000.

Can I order 100+ lines?

Of course. Our sales consultants have experience managing large business mobile contracts.

What kind of ID(s) do I need to get a contract with you?

Most of the time a driver’s licence and your passport number are sufficient.

Do I need a bank account on my business name?



What is the difference between a 'business' contract and a 'regular' phone contract?

By having a business contract, you can benefit from discounted prices and multiple lines savings. It is also tax deductible. Read more about business contracts here

Who will manage my account?

You will be attributed a consultant who will manage your account and is available for contact if you ever have a question.

How do I qualify for a contract?

For a limited company you need to have all your files updated on companies house and pass credit check. For a sole proprietor you need to pass a credit check.

When is my first monthly payment?

Usually within 30 days.

Do I have to pay a deposit?

It depends on the result of the network credit check or internal security check.

Is there any upfront cost?

We usually don’t ask upfront fees, but it depends on the deals you agreed with your consultant. When ordering online, any upfront cost is shown on products and again at checkout. 

Is the price including or excluding VAT?

Our prices always exclude VAT.

What is the contract length?

The contract length depends on the agreed contract. It can be 12, 24 or 36 months.

Do you offer data roaming as part of a contract?

Some networks have data roaming included, for others you’ll need to add roaming plans to your contract. Contact us today on 0800 999 2 999 to build your plan.

What happens when I run out of data?

In that case, you can add additional data to your current plan. Call us to learn more.

Can I add lines during the contract?

Absolutely! Ask your consultant to give you more details about this option.

What happens if I want to cancel my contract halfway through?

If you decide you want to stop your contract early, an early termination fee will then apply.

Can you cancel my contract for me?

Sure! We can cancel existing EE Corporate accounts & assist with PAC requests on some networks. Ask a consultant for more details. 

Can you help me get out of my existing contract?

Sure! We can pay or contribute towards your contract buyout.

When can I upgrade?

We are proud to offer a 6 month early upgrade option to our customers across chosen networks. Ask your consultant when you are eligible.

Do you sell the phone alone?

Yes, if the whole fee is paid.

Do I get a discount if I take out multiple lines?

In some cases, yes.  Please speak to one of our sales consultants for further details.

Do I own the handsets at the end of the contract?

No, unless it has been agreed by your general manager. Otherwise, the ownership remains with

What network do you supply?

We offer all Networks (Vodafone, EE, Three, O2) and it’s common that our customers mix and match to get the best overall deal.

I have a question; do I call you or the network?

To avoid the long waiting queues, you can directly reach out to us.


Do you have all the latest smartphones?

Absolutely!  And since we have been in business for 21 years and are usually first in line to receive the new phones for distribution.

What other products do you offer?

Excluding our large range of smartphones, we also offer SIM only, tablets, mobile broadband, laptops for business, and refurbished phones.

Do you offer insurance?

Yes, we do! Please ask your consultant for more details.

What is the warranty period of the phone?

The warranty period varies between each product. For a SIM free mobile, a 12 month warranty will apply, extended to 24 months on all EE contracts.


What's your delivery policy?

Your package will be delivered the next working day to most of the UK. Conditions apply.

Do I have to wait at home all day for my package?

You don’t need to wait all day at home, DPD gives you a 1-hour delivery slot.


Can I bring my old number over?

Yes – we offer number portability. 

What is needed for a number port?

To be able to keep your number, we will need:


A) PAC (Port Authorisation Code).

B) A porting number (existing).

C) A temporary number (if applicable).

Can I port my number right away?

Numbers can be ported in one working day.

When will my discount be paid?

It depends on the discount schedule. It can be monthly, quarterly, or annually (all discounts are paid by the end of the contract).

What happens if my phone develops a fault?

If your phone is an EE device, a replacement handset will be issued free of charge within 5 working days on accepted warranty claims or next working day at a charge.


This excludes iPhones in the first year of warranty which have to be dealt with Apple directly.


If it’s a SIM Free device: you will need to contact the manufacturer for any assistance.

Can you assist with transferring data to my new phone?

Yes, our customer service team can assist you with the transfer of data in most cases. 

Do you offer technical support?

Sure, contact our customer service team for any queries.

How do I turn off 'Find my iPhone?'

From the device or by signing into your iCloud account via PC. Contact our customer service team if you need assistance.

What happens if I need a new SIM?

It simple! We will post a new SIM card to you and we will call you to activate it once received.

How do I view my bills?

You can sign up for online billing on the Network website. Our customer service team can assist you if needed.

My bill is higher than expected...what can I do?

Contact our customer service team on 0800 999 2 999 who will query your issue and resolve it directly with the network on your behalf.

About us

What is the benefit of joining your company instead of going to the network direct?

There are many benefits of choosing
Firstly, you will benefit from our 23 years of experience in the industry and the expertise of our consultants who will assist you during the whole buying process and after.
Secondly, we work closely with most networks so we can offer you a wider choice of packages at discounted prices.
Then, you’ll benefit from our Red Care customer service rated “Excellent” by our customers on Trustpilot.
Lastly, by joining the community, you’ll have access to ‘Simply Mobile’, and receive exclusive tips and tricks created for business owners on how to use their mobile better for business.

Who are

We are market leaders in business mobiles, we have 23+ years of experience across every network and with every size and category of business. Learn more about us here.

How can I contact you?

You have many options to get in touch!


  1. Chat with us using the live chat on our website.

  2. Request a call back, or message on WhatsApp

  3. Send an email to

  4. Call us on 0800 999 2 999 anytime from Monday to Friday 8:30 to 17:30.


For more details, please refer to our “Contact” page.

Where is your company based?

Our company is based in West London, and we provide businesses with mobiles all around the UK.

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