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O2 Business Mobile Contract Deals

Find your perfect O2 Business mobile plan below & enjoy industry-leading service, coupled with unbeatable customer care from our team.
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O2 Business SIM Only Deals

Revel in our range of O2 Business SIM only deals with some of the lowest-priced plans in the UK for this network. Take your pick from 6GB to 50GB+ contracts, curated to best suit your business needs.

Enjoy additional discounts on top of reduced network rates when you shop with us. We’re proud to share our great deals on O2 Business SIM-only contracts & pass on even more value to our customers.

Find your favourite O2 Business SIM only deal or contact us directly to discuss your requirements – we’d love to hear from you!

Why choose an O2 Business Contract?

O2 is one of the largest network providers in the UK, with over 32.2M+ customers after 37 years in operation. During this time, they have set many milestones and won an array of awards for their stellar service. This has resulted in O2 becoming one of the most highly rated network providers in the UK.

Here are just a few benefits of choosing an O2 Business contract:

O2 network logo cutout

Award-Winning Service

The consistency of O2''s mobile network is legendary, placing first for performance & reliability multiple times over the years. To date, they remain one of the most awarded providers in the UK, even winning "Most Reliable Network" throughout 2018-2021.

Leading Provider

With almost 40 years in operation, O2 is a long-established industry leader, not just for business plans. If you often work in London, find yourself abroad, or require a reliable connection, an O2 Business contract remains a top choice.

No Data Roaming Charges

O2 remained the only one of the "Big Four" UK networks to NOT reintroduce roaming charges. Feel free to use their UK allowances at no extra cost, throughout the specified 48 “Europe Zone” locations & claiming the “Best Network for Roaming” award.

Rapid 5G Expansion

Although not as widespread as some networks, O2 has continued to expand rapidly; even partnering with Vodafone to share infrastructure. In a matter of months, O2 launched 5G in over 200 towns & cities across the country, with no signs of slowing down.

Leading Network Coverage

99% of the nationwide population can enjoy 3G/4G across the network - matching Three Mobile & EE for the best coverage in the UK. Despite this, O2 is still committed to connecting the country, now working with the government to reach 100% coverage.

Highly Reliable & Secure

O2 Business are so reliable, they’re even the official carrier for Tesco Mobile, providing their entire network. They’re also the only UK network to receive CAS(T) certification, making them the nation's most secure provider.

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Award Winning Network

Start taking advantage of the UK’s most highly praised network operator; enjoy award-winning service at an unbeatable price and get the best deals on your new 02 Business contract.

Learn about some of the awards O2 have won over the years:

Best Network for Roaming, 2022 - Uswitch Telecoms Awards

Those who travel frequently for work will likely benefit most from an O2 Business contract deal. This provider was the only one of four major UK networks to maintain free data roaming.


Customers will enjoy up to 25GB of free international data as a standard, with the freedom to make all the same calls and texts whilst abroad.


Enjoy all the benefits of being with the UK’s most reliable network. Contact our team today and let us find the best O2 Business deals for your needs.

Network of the Year, 2021 – Mobile Industry Awards

With such a dedication to their customers, it's no surprise that they were also voted "Network of the Year" at the Mobile Industry Awards of 2021.


Voted for their commitment to innovation, network performance, customer care and technical excellence. O2 Business contracts really do prove some of the best deals available for big and small enterprises alike.

Why O2 Business Contracts: Mobile Industry Awards - Network of the Year

London’s Most Reliable Network, 2021 - Global Wireless Solutions

If your company premises or employees are in London, this is the network for you. O2 Business offer near unparalleled service and consistency in big cities, rivalled only by 3 other major networks.


Those located in London will be hard-pressed to find such sensational service at such competitive rates. Unsure of the best service provider for your needs? Contact our team today, we’d love to help you!

Why O2 Business Contracts: GWS Awards - London's Most Reliable Network

Most Reliable Network, 2018-2021 - Global Wireless Solutions

Another esteemed award and a huge advantage to those with any O2 Business contracts. For four years running, GWS have crowned O2 as the "Most Reliable Network" after nationwide performance testing.


This testing is undertaken in unison with YouGov and Censuswide. Overall scores are coupled with the results of additional customer research and averaged into a final rating.


With competition from Three, Vodafone, EE and many more, achieving this is no small feat!

Best Network Performance, 2019-2020 – Mobile News Awards

O2 Business also offers one of the best network performances in the UK, reportedly outclassing even Three and EE.


The Mobile News Awards took independent data from all major network operators and assessed them for speed, coverage, and reliability.


These scores were combined and averaged out, with O2 taking the top spot as offering the best network performance throughout 2019-2020.

Why O2 Business Contracts: Mobile News Awards 2019 - Best Network Performance

Best Network for Coverage, 2018-2020 – Uswitch Telecoms Awards

Just a year later in 2018, O2 Business was awarded the “Best Network for Coverage” for a phenomenal four years in a row between 2018 and 2020.


This provider was praised for their dedication to feedback and emphasis on customer care. Even still, they continue to invest heavily into further improving network coverage and user experience.

Best Recycling Service, 2017 – Mobile Industry Awards

With over 2 million devices recycled and £150 million paid out to eco-friendly customers throughout 2017, it's only fair for them to win "Best Recycling Service" during the Mobile Industry Awards.


This provider currently runs the most widespread and comprehensive "trade-in" scheme of any other network operator, making recycling old mobiles easy for everyone!

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O2 Business FAQs

O2 Business maintains industry-leading service and reliable coverage across the entire country. It’s the UK’s most secure operator and offers some of the best network performance available.

Need more information? Read all FAQs, or find all of the most frequently asked questions for this network below:

What is an O2 Business contract?

An O2 business contract is a special plan provided to your company at a discounted tariff. These plans are tailored to suit the needs of you, your employees, or company-wide operations.


They help ensure better teamwork, communication, responsiveness, and connectivity amongst your staff.


Want to learn more? Read the benefits of getting a business phone plan here.

Is O2 Business your Best Choice?

If you're looking for reliability, security, or great roaming benefits, O2 is a brilliant choice for many business users.

If you’re after 5G for your business and work outside of any of the 200 major cities, another provider may be best.

Otherwise, 02 take gold in most categories, as demonstrated by their impressive amount of awards.


Need a different network provider? Read up on the rest of our partner networks, with some of the biggest deals from Three, EE, and Vodafone.

How to activate an O2 Business SIM?

Activating an O2 SIM is easy, for business or personal users alike:

  1. First, pop out the SIM card holder of your mobile phone.

  2. Next, choose the correct card size for your mobile device and place the SIM into the holder.

If you're new to O2 or are not transferring a phone number, users will enjoy immediate coverage after these two steps.

Otherwise, users may have to continue set up via the “My O2” app. OR, you can relax and let us take care of everything!

How does data roaming & the “Europe Zone” work?

Customers will enjoy up to 25GB of free international data, along with all the same calls & text allowances as the UK.

Users will be charged ~£3.50 for every additional GB of data used. Free data roaming is limited to 48 specific countries, also known as their “Europe Zone”.

What countries are included in the O2 Europe Zone?

The Europe Zone contains 48 countries:

Austria, Azores, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canary Islands, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, French Guiana, Germany Gibraltar, Greece, Guadeloupe, Guernsey, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Isle of Man, Italy, Jersey, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Madeira, Malta, Martinique, Mayotte, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Reunion, Romania, Saint Barthelemy, Saint Martin, San Marino, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and Vatican City.

How secure is this network?

O2 are the only UK network to receive CAS(T) certification, giving them a direct advantage over other providers.


This makes them one of, if not THE most secure mobile network operators in the UK.

Who owns O2?

This network operates under the parent organisation "Telefónica Europe plc", also known as "Three".


In 2015, O2 was merged into Hutchinson Whampoa by Three Ireland, before later merging again with Virgin Media in May 2020.

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The Legal Bits: 

Best Network Performance at the 2019 Mobile News Awards: 2019 Winners

O2 won Best Network for Coverage at the uSwitch 2019 awards: www.uswitch.com/mobiles/broadband-and-mobile-awards/.

Best Network for Reliability in 2019 and 2020 according to Global Wireless Solutions.

Best Business Network Award at the 2019 Mobile Industry Awards: www.mobileindustryawards.com/2019/Winners/.

Mobile News O2 Best Network Award
O2 Network 2021 uSwitch Award Winner
Mobile Industry Awards 2019 logo     Global Wireless Solutions logo - Best Network for Reliability
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