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WhatsApp for Business: Our Complete Guide

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Want to use WhatsApp for Business? Connect with customers and enhance operations with ease.

WhatsApp, the popular messaging app with over 2 billion active users worldwide, has emerged as a powerful tool for businesses of all sizes.

With its simplicity, reach, and rich features, using WhatsApp for business offers a unique opportunity to engage with customers, streamline communication, and drive growth. So, here’s our complete guide & how to get started:

What is Whatsapp for Business?

WhatsApp for Business empowers businesses to establish a direct and personal connection with their customers, fostering stronger relationships and building brand loyalty. Through real-time messaging, group chats, and multimedia sharing, businesses can engage in meaningful conversations, provide timely support, and easily address customer concerns. 

Woman near laptop uses Whatsapp for business on her mobile phone

Take full advantage of additional tools and services designed to automate, sort, and rapidly respond to messages from customers. This direct line of communication fosters trust, transparency, and a sense of community among customers, elevating the overall brand experience.

How to Create a WhatsApp for Business Account

1: Download and Install:

The first step is to download the WhatsApp Business app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Once downloaded, launch the app and follow the on-screen instructions to install it on your device.

WhatsApp Business app installation

2: Verify Your Business Phone Number:

Enter your business phone number and select your country code. You will receive a verification code via SMS or voice call to confirm your identity.

WhatsApp for Business guide - verifying phone number

3: Create Your Business Profile:

Once verified, you’ll be prompted to create a profile for your business. This includes providing your business name, logo, a brief description, and a link to your website.

WhatsApp for Business guide - how to create business profile

4: Set Up Your Business Account:

Next, you’ll be guided through setting up your business account. This includes establishing a greeting message, a quick reply template for frequently asked questions, and business hours.

WhatsApp for Business guide - set up business account

5: Connect with Your Customers:

Start importing your existing customer contacts or manually add new ones. You can also create broadcast lists to reach a wider audience.

Benefits of Using WhatsApp for Business

WhatsApp for Business provides a cost-effective way to reach a wide audience at a low cost. Businesses can leverage the app’s global reach to connect with customers across borders, expanding their market potential. 

By sending personalised broadcast messages, creating targeted group chats, and sharing engaging multimedia content, businesses can effectively promote their products, services, and brands without incurring significant advertising expenses.

Here are a handful of the biggest benefits of using WhatsApp for Business:

  1. Enhanced Customer Engagement
    WhatsApp offers a direct and personal channel to connect with customers, fostering stronger business relationships and building brand loyalty.
  2. Improved Communication Efficiency
    Real-time messaging and group chats streamline communication, allowing for quick responses and timely resolution of customer issues.
  3. Cost-Effective Marketing
    Provides a cost-effective way for your business to reach a wide audience, eliminating the need for expensive marketing campaigns.
  4. Global Reach
    With its global reach, WhatsApp enables businesses to connect with customers across borders, expanding their market potential.
  5. Enhanced Customer Service
    A convenient and accessible platform for customers to seek assistance, leading to improved customer satisfaction.
  6. Broader Brand Awareness
    By actively engaging with customers, businesses can increase their brand visibility and attract new customers.

Businesses can also make use of tools like video to text from platforms such as VEED. This tool can convert crucial video messages into text, providing a record of noteworthy conversations or relevant points. This aids in making the communication process more efficient and accessible, even for those who might prefer text over videos.

Whatsapp for Business Features

WhatsApp for Business offers a comprehensive suite of features designed to streamline communication, enhance customer engagement, and drive business growth. Here’s a comprehensive overview of its key features:

Business Profile:

Create a professional profile for your business, including your business name, logo, description, website link, and contact information.

WhatsApp for Business guide - Business Profile

Business Account Settings:

Set up your business account, including business hours, greeting messages, quick replies, and away messages.

WhatsApp for Business settings

Labels and Tags:

Streamline your contacts and conversations using labels and tags for easy categorisation and management. Organise chats with specific labels, such as “Urgent,” “Important,” or “Follow-up,” for better prioritisation and management. Learn how to use labels here.

Broadcasts and Groups:

Send personalised broadcast messages to inform customers about new products, promotions, events, or important announcements. Create group chats with customers or employees to facilitate discussions, share updates, and collaborate on projects.

WhatsApp for Business settings - Broadcasts and Groups

Multimedia Sharing:

Share images, videos, documents, and voice messages to enhance communication and provide rich content. This can even be done through an API, learn how here.

WhatsApp for Business API - Multimedia sharing

Business Insights:

Access valuable insights into customer engagement, message delivery rates, and customer interactions to measure the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. Learn more from the WhatsApp website.

WhatsApp for Business - Business Insights and customer satisfaction report with performance metrics

Quick Replies:

Save and reuse frequently used messages to respond quickly and efficiently to common customer inquiries.

Whatsapp for Business - Quick Replies


Showcase your products or services with an interactive catalogue, allowing customers to browse and inquire about specific items.

Integrate payment links to your messages, enabling customers to make secure payments directly within the app.

Whatsapp for Business - Payment links

Display rich previews of links shared in chats, providing customers with a more engaging and informative experience.

Whatsapp for Business - Link preview

Location Sharing:

Share your business location with customers, making it easier for them to find and visit your premises.

Whatsapp for Business - Location Sharing

Linked Devices:

Connect your WhatsApp Business account to up to four devices, allowing you to manage conversations from your smartphone, desktop, or tablet.

Whatsapp for Business - Linked Devices

Message Scheduling:

Schedule messages to be sent automatically at a specific time or when you are away, ensuring timely delivery of important announcements or reminders.

Whatsapp for Business - Messaging Scheduling

Advanced Settings:

Control various aspects of your WhatsApp Business account, including privacy settings, notifications, data usage preferences, and much more.

List of WhatsApp Business API advanced settings

How to Use WhatsApp for Business Effectively

WhatsApp for Business has revolutionised the way businesses interact with their customers, providing a direct, personal, and cost-effective channel for communication. Here’s a glimpse into how businesses are harnessing the power of WhatsApp for Business to enhance customer engagement, streamline operations, and drive growth:

Direct Customer Engagement

WhatsApp for Business fosters a direct line of communication between companies and their customers, breaking down barriers and creating a more personalised experience. Businesses can engage in real-time conversations, address customer inquiries promptly, and provide timely support, all within the familiar interface.

Graphic of two users communicating through WhatsApp business

Streamlined Communication and Collaboration

Real-time messaging, group chats, and file sharing enable businesses to collaborate seamlessly, share updates efficiently, and make informed decisions quickly. This enhanced communication flow leads to improved productivity, reduced costs, and better customer service.

Infographic showing the sharing of media files over mobile

Cost-Effective Marketing and Customer Acquisition

Businesses can send and automate personalised messages to inform customers about new products, promotions, or events. This direct marketing approach allows businesses to reach their target audience with minimal effort and investment.

Effective marketing with eCommerce, Retail, Restaurant, Super Store, Insurance, and Coffee Shop

Here are a few more ways you can effectively use WhatsApp for your business needs:

  1. One-on-One Communication
    Engage in direct conversations with your customers to answer inquiries, provide support, and address concerns.
  2. Group Chats
    Create group chats with customers or employees to facilitate discussions, share updates, and collaborate on projects.
  3. Broadcast Messages
    Send personalised broadcast messages to inform customers about new products, promotions, events, or important announcements.
  4. Labels and Tags
    Organise your contacts and conversations using labels and tags to categorise and manage interactions easily.
  5. Multimedia Sharing
    Share images, videos, documents, and voice messages to enhance communication and provide rich content.

WhatsApp Business API

WhatsApp Business API is a programmatic interface that allows businesses to connect their existing systems and applications with WhatsApp, enabling them to send and receive messages, manage customer interactions, and automate tasks. This seamless integration empowers businesses to harness the power of WhatsApp’s global reach and user base to enhance customer experiences and gain a competitive edge.

To get started with WhatsApp Business API, businesses need to create a WhatsApp Business account and apply for access to the API. Once approved, businesses can integrate the API with their existing systems and applications using the provided documentation and support resources.

Additional Tips

  • Maintain Professionalism
    Ensure your communication is professional, polite, and respectful, reflecting your brand’s values.
  • Respond Promptly
    Aim to respond to customer inquiries promptly, demonstrating your commitment to customer service.
  • Provide Value
    Offer valuable content and assistance to customers, building trust and loyalty.
  • Respect Customer Privacy
    Adhere to data privacy regulations and use customer information responsibly.
  • Utilise WhatsApp Business Features
    Leverage the various features available, such as labels, tags, and business insights, to optimise your marketing efforts.

WhatsApp for Business Pricing

WhatsApp Business is completely free to download and create an account on. However, please note, it can only be used by one person at a time. The additional API includes many extra features and offers a transparent and flexible pricing structure that caters to diverse business needs.

The platform’s pricing model revolves around service conversations, which are initiated by customers and require a response from businesses.

Table showing the difference between WhatsApp, Business, and Business API with pricing and features

For the first 1,000 service conversations each month, businesses are not charged. This complimentary tier allows new users to explore the platform’s capabilities and experience its benefits without upfront costs. After the initial 1,000 service conversations, businesses are charged a nominal fee for each additional conversation.

The pricing tiers are designed to align with the volume of customer interactions, ensuring cost-effectiveness for businesses of all sizes. For instance, businesses with medium-sized customer bases can opt for the Standard plan, which offers competitive rates for service conversations.

WhatsApp Business cost calculator
Cost Calculator

Additionally, the WhatsApp Business API offers a Pay-as-you-Go plan for businesses with unpredictable or fluctuating customer engagement levels. This plan provides flexibility and eliminates the need for long-term commitments. Businesses can simply pay for the service conversations they consume, ensuring that their WhatsApp Business expenses align with their actual usage patterns.


Using WhatsApp has emerged as a transformative tool for businesses, offering a direct, personal, and cost-effective way to connect with customers, enhance communication, and drive growth. By embracing the power of WhatsApp Business, businesses can effectively engage with their target audience, strengthen customer relationships, and achieve their marketing goals.

In terms of cost, the WhatsApp Business pricing structure is designed to be accessible, transparent, and scalable to the needs of all businesses. The platform’s complimentary tier encourages adoption, while the tiered pricing plans and Pay-as-you-Go option ensure cost-effectiveness for businesses with varying customer interaction volumes.

Overall, we highly recommend utilising this communication channel for both the benefit of your business and customers!

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How many people use WhatsApp?
As of October 2023, this app boasts over 2 billion active users worldwide, making it one of the most popular messengers globally. This vast user base provides businesses with a tremendous opportunity to connect with a diverse audience and expand their reach.
What is a WhatsApp business account?
A WhatsApp business account is a specialised version of the popular messaging app, designed specifically for businesses to connect with their customers, manage their online presence, and promote their products or services. It offers a range of features tailored for business needs, such as creating a business profile, sending automated messages, and accessing analytics.
How to verify a WhatsApp business account?
Verifying your WhatsApp business account establishes your credibility and enhances customer trust. The verification process involves confirming your business ownership, providing accurate business details, and uploading supporting documents. Once verified, your account will display a green checkmark badge, indicating authenticity to your customers.
How does WhatsApp Business work?
WhatsApp Business functions similarly to the standard app, allowing businesses to send and receive messages, share files, and make calls. However, it offers additional business-oriented features, such as:Creating a business profile: Display your business name, logo, description, and website link.Labelling and organising chats: Manage conversations effectively using labels and tags.Sending broadcast messages: Reach a wide audience with personalised messages.Accessing business insights: Gain valuable data on customer interactions and message performance.Integrating with CRM systems: Connect WhatsApp Business with your existing CRM tools for seamless customer management.
Is WhatsApp Business free to download?
Yes, WhatsApp Business is free to download and use for the first 1,000 service conversations each month. After that, businesses are charged a nominal fee for each additional conversation. This tiered pricing structure ensures affordability for SMEs and large corporations alike.

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