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All new Apple iPhone 14 models and colours release announcement banner

New Apple iPhone 14 Series Release

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Apple is calling the iPhone 14 “their most advanced smartphone to date” – read on to learn all the specs and features of all four models; from the Plus to the Pro Max.

The new Apple iPhone 14 Series now has an official release date. Last March, the iPhone SE 2022 was teased and later released. Now, on September 7th, Apple officially revealed their latest series of smartphones to the public, and yes… They’re setting new standards in the world of smartphones once again!

iPhone 14 Series: Specs, Features & Comparison

It’s time to dive into the juicy details of the newly released Apple iPhone 14 series. Just digging for data? Jump straight to the iPhone 14 Specs now.

If you missed the event, watch the full live stream recap of the Apple Event “Far Out” below, and continue reading on for all the details about these new Apple smartphones.

With the second Apple Event of 2022 complete, here are all the latest announcements and models about to hit the market:

What has been announced?

Apple was expected to release a new range of Apple Watches, new AirPods and the long-awaited new iPhone 14 Series. The announcement included:

  • -iPhone 14 Series (4 devices)
  • -Apple Watch 8 Series
  • -Apple AirPods Pro 2
Apple Event 2022 September banner

Get yourself the new iPhone 14 on a business contract now & read on to learn all the new features of the iPhone 14 Series; including new two safety services, a new A16 Bionic chip, details on the upgraded camera system and our iPhone 13 vs iPhone 14 comparison.

Apple iPhone 14 – New Apple Flagship

Last September, Apple released the iPhone 13 Series which revealed a new A15 chip, a smaller notch, an improved camera system with new sensors, the famous “cinematic” video mode, and a bigger battery – bringing up to 2 hours of life to the phone, amongst many other improvements.

Then, in March 2022, Apple launched the iPhone SE 2nd generation offering 5G and power to a 4.7″ size device. Learn more about the iPhone SE 2022 here.

This year, regarding the iPhone 14 Series, rumours were everywhere. Will there be a new A16? A whole new design for the front of the smartphone, perhaps a new device size… or even a new foldable Series?

Apple iPhone 14 series all colours including red, black, white, starlight

Putting the iPhone 14 Rumours to Rest

After watching the Apple event on September 7th, we’re happy to confirm the known facts and stats once and for all. We can say immediately that these new models stick to the traditional design and do NOT fold – unlike the aptly named Z Flip 4 / Z Fold 4 released by Samsung last month.

However, two of the four new models are confirmed to possess the mighty new A16 chip. Find out which ones, along with all the specs and design changes below; along with all the extra features developed for the iPhone 14, including the new Apple satellite service!

What are the iPhone 14 Series’ New Features?

With every new release comes a flurry of new upgrades and optimisations, some of which can be easy to overlook. In this section, we cover all the new features of the iPhone 14 Series, from the Pro & Plus to the 13 Pro Max vs 14 Pro Max.

Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max specs and features banner

Other than the “dynamic island“, everything included in this section remains available as a feature on all new iPhone 14 models:

New iOS 16 Operating System

Perhaps the biggest FREE update to Apple’s iPhone Series (extending all the way to the iPhone 8), iOS 16 is the new brain to the 14’s brilliant new body. There are so many new fun & functional features packed into this new iOS 16 update, which looks set to start a number of new trends in the world of smartphones.

Latest iOS 16 software update and new features of 2022 with iPhone 14 cutout

From custom lock screens to using Nintendo joysticks for mobile gaming, there honestly is far too much to cover in this post alone. Read our post and learn all about the latest iOS 16 update and new features now – or continue reading for Apple’s Satellite Service:

Apple Satellite Service

The new satellite service allows you to make an emergency call from anywhere – essentially spelling the end of the long outdated “satellite phone”. Your shiny new iPhone 14 will even ask you questions relating to your condition, such as “are you lost, hurt, or alone?”… How comforting!

This is a very useful feature to reserve for an emergency that should hopefully never come, and one we hope to see on all smartphones in future. However, you can still utilise this service for non-emergency functions, such as sharing your location with friends in an area with no network connection.

Apple Satellite Service and Emergency SOS in action

Worth noting that this is a subscription-based service, although early iPhone 14 adopters in the US/CA will enjoy 2-years of free use. We’re not sure what the cost of this service is after that, or if you will maintain the ability to use it in an emergency without membership, perhaps at a surcharge.

Crash Detection

Another fantastic new safety feature – Crash Detection was first integrated within the Apple Watch, before now making its way to all models in the iPhone 14 Series. But what is Apple Crash Detection, and how does it work?

iOS 16 Apple iPhone 14 and Apple Watch 8 crash detection feature

With a built-in high G-force accelerometer & gyroscope, your device will detect if you have been in a serious traffic accident. It will then automatically connect to the local emergency services and provide them with your location, alongside notifying and of your set emergency contacts.

According to Apple, this feature only operates when the user is driving and processes data after an accident. Apple Crash Detection is a very beneficial feature to have, and another inclusion we hope to see catch on as a standard amongst all new smartphone models.

Upgraded A15/A16 Bionic Chip

Apple A16 upgraded processor chip

We’re sure it comes as no surprise; all 4 models in the new iPhone 14 Series have received various upgrades to their components. Perhaps most critically is the internal chips – with the A15 (as seen in the iPhone 13) updated to offer increased GPU/CPU speed and power.

The A15 features on the iPhone 14 and Plus models, with the Pro & Pro Max models sporting a sparkling new A16 Bionic chip. This A16 chip is allegedly 40% faster than the A15 whilst using less power & putting less strain on the battery, among other components.

Apple A16 upgraded chip

A Few Familiar Features

All models feature the same “Face ID” that we’ve grown so accustomed to. What’s more, like the previous 13 Series, all iPhone 14 smartphones feature 5G compatibility, eliminating long load times and allowing you to get the most out of your network.

IP68 Water Resistant & Ceramic Screen Protector

Have you ever bought a new phone and kept dreaming about accidentally destroying it in water, or is that just me? Well, worry no more… Like the 13 Series, all of the new iPhone 14 models claim a water resistance rating of IP68; remaining safe to submerge ~6 metres in depth, for up to 30 minutes (learn more about IP ratings here).

Apple iPhone 14 ceramic shield upgraded screen protector
(Image credit: CNET)

We’re happy to see this appear as a continued feature, which will likely save many hours waiting for a bag of rice to dry out your (once functional) phone. All models also claim a ceramic shield front, which is “tougher than any smartphone glass”, as stated by Apple. Sounds like it’s about time for a durability upgrade!

Dynamic Island for 14 Pro & Pro Max models

With a redesigned front camera, Apple has reimagined their trademark “notch” that had become such a design staple amongst their team. Now born again as the new and highly adaptive “Dynamic Island”.

This feature takes various forms to alert users of important notifications, activities, battery life and more. It’s essentially the new personal smartphone wingman for when you need it, keeping your day running smoothly & without unexpected surprises.

Finally, no more backchat from quirky virtual assistants (unless it’s Siri for business purposes)!

iOS 16 Apple Dynamic Island feature on unlocked smartphone

iPhone 14 Series Upgraded Camera

As is tradition, the new iPhone 14 Series sports an upgraded camera for each model. Every year, cameras become more compact and perform at a higher quality. Therefore, it’s no surprise these cutting-edge cameras have found their way into the new 14 Series.

iPhone 14 Pro Max Series upgraded 48MP camera promotional banner

Seriously, Apple has packed a massive amount of features and power into the camera of this new smartphone series. There are so many awesome inclusions, we couldn’t fit it all into our table of specs (see below). So, here are the main iPhone 14 camera upgrades and features waiting for you to enjoy:

  • Adaptive True Tone Flash
  • Burst Mode
  • Apple ProRAW
  • Photonic Engine
  • Deep Fusion
  • Smart HDR 4
  • Night mode (portraits enabled by LiDAR scanner)
  • Panorama (up to 63MP)
  • Photographic Styles
  • Macro Photography
  • Wide colour capture video & Live Photos
  • Lens Correction (Ultra Wide)
  • Advanced red-eye correction
  • Auto image stabilisation
  • Auto-focusing “TrueDepth” front camera
  • Photo Geotagging

But enough of all the countless new improvements to try out, there are even more changes to cover for this smartphone series. Take a deep dive into the Apple iPhone 14 below and become an expert on these new models:

iPhone 14 Pro Max models all features, specs and colours infographic

Apple iPhone 14 Series – Specs, Dimensions & More

So with our overview out of the way, it’s time to dive into the main iPhone 14 specs and features. Let’s start by comparing each new model of this series, including their hardware, dimensions, price and more.

Take a peek at our table of iPhone 14 specs and discover everything about the new Apple flagship smartphone series:

SpecsiPhone 14
iPhone 14 Plus
14 Pro
14 Pro Max
Weight172 grams (6.07 ounces)203 grams (7.16 ounces)206 grams (7.27 ounces)240 grams (8.47 ounces)
Display size6.1″6.7″6.1″6.7″
Display typeSuper Retina XDR OLEDSuper Retina XDR OLEDSuper Retina XDR OLED
ProMotion technology
Always-On display
Dynamic Island
Super Retina XDR OLED
ProMotion technology
Always-On display
Dynamic Island
ProtectionCeramic Shield front
Aerospace-grade aluminium
Ceramic Shield front
Aerospace-grade aluminium
Ceramic Shield front
Surgical-grade stainless steel
Ceramic Shield front
Surgical-grade stainless steel
ChipA15 Bionic chip (upgraded)
6-core CPU
5-core GPU
16-core Neural Engine
A15 Bionic chip (upgraded)
6-core CPU
5-core GPU
16-core Neural Engine
A16 Bionic chip (new)
6-core CPU
5-core GPU
16-core Neural Engine
A16 Bionic chip (new)
6-core CPU
5-core GPU
16-core Neural Engine
Capacity128GB, 256GB, 512GB128GB, 256GB, 512GB128GB, 256GB, 512GB, 1TB128GB, 256GB, 512GB, 1TB
BatteryUp to 20 hours video playbackUp to 26 hours video playbackUp to 23 hours video playbackUp to 29 hours video playback
CameraAdvanced 12MP dual-camera system
Ultra-Wide | Smart HDR 4
Sapphire crystal lens cover
TrueDepth front camera with autofocus
Advanced 12MP dual-camera system
Ultra-Wide | Smart HDR 4
Sapphire crystal lens cover
TrueDepth front camera with autofocus
Upgraded 48MP Pro-camera system
Ultra-Wide | Telephoto | Smart HDR 4
Sapphire crystal lens cover
TrueDepth front camera with autofocus
Upgraded 48MP Pro-camera system
Ultra-Wide | Telephoto | Smart HDR 4
Sapphire crystal lens cover
TrueDepth front camera with autofocus
Zoom2x optical range
~5x digital range
2x optical range
~5x digital range
3x optical in
2x optical out
6x optical range
15x digital range
3x optical in
2x optical out
6x optical range
15x digital range
Water-resistantIP68 ~6m for up to 30 minsIP68 ~6m for up to 30 minsIP68 ~6m for up to 30 minsIP68 ~6m for up to 30 mins
ColoursMidnight, Purple, Starlight, Product Red, BlueMidnight, Purple, Starlight, Product Red, BlueSpace Black, Silver, Gold, Deep PurpleSpace Black, Silver, Gold, Deep Purple
PriceFrom £849From £949From £1099From £1199

How do they compare to last year?

We can clearly see these iPhone 14 models take advantage of a bigger battery, upgraded chipset and an incredible camera. It seems the biggest overhaul has come in the way of design, with a dash of new hardware. Interestingly, both the 14 and 14 Pro come available in two different size options:

iPhone 14 Pro bigger screen options

With the immediate iPhone 14 specs and features out of the way, it’s time to see how they compare against their predecessors. Read on and find out how these new models shape up to last year’s 13 Series releases:

Two hands hold up new unlocked Apple iPhone 14 release
New iPhone 14 Pro model

iPhone 13 vs iPhone 14 – Specs & Comparison

So, with the basic specifications covered, let’s answer the big question… What are the main differences between the iPhone 14 vs 13 models? Here are the main specs below:

So, even after that, you’re probably still wondering just exactly what is the difference between the iPhone 13 vs 14 models…

Put simply, the difference is minimal; the 14 claims a marginally faster processor chip, an improved camera, an extra 1 hour of battery and finally, the new crash detection & satellite features. Whilst the camera and other hardware upgrades are significant, we were hoping to see a little more innovation.

Close up of iPhone 14 Pro Max Series upgraded 48MP camera on white background

iPhone 13 Pro vs iPhone 14 Pro – Specs & Comparison

With the stock models out of the way, let’s take a look at the iPhone 13 Pro vs iPhone 14 Pro and see how they shape up:

Although these models are still fairly similar, there is a far greater difference between the two Pro models. For starters, the iPhone 14 Pro claims a vastly upgraded camera with 4x the MP as the 13 Pro.

Perhaps most significant is the new A16 Bionic chip, which gives the new iPhone 14 Pro a clear edge in speed, power and capacity over the 13. It also accommodates a variety of other useful features, including Apple’s new “Dynamic Island”.

iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max with Dynamic Island and iOS 16

iPhone 13 Pro Max vs iPhone 14 Pro Max – Specs & Comparison

It’s finally time to move on to the most powerful iPhone models of 2022, the 13 Pro Max vs 14 Pro Max… A clash of titans!

Since release, the 13 Pro Max has accounted for ~3.4% of 56.5 million units sold (approx. 1,921,000 total units). Now, with the newly announced iPhone 14 Series to contend with, we wonder just how long the 13 Pro Max can keep the top spot.

The future is nothing if not uncertain. Settle your doubts about the two models and learn all the crucial info from our iPhone 14 Pro Max vs 13 Pro Max comparison below:

Always-On Display

Both models feature “ProMotion”, an upgraded 120Hz display that first debuted a few years back. However, the 14 Pro Max increases the distance with a new “Always-On” display. Also known as “Ambient Display“, this feature allows your smartphone to still show limited information, even when asleep.

The Most Powerful iPhone of 2022

Two unlocked iPhone 14 Pro Max models with upgraded XDR display
New iPhone 14 upgraded XDR display

Like our other comparisons, the differences are almost indistinguishable, until we get to the display, camera & chipset. This is where the iPhone 14 Pro Max demolishes the previous champion, boasting a camera 4x as powerful and the much faster A16 Bionic chip.

Unsurprisingly, the iPhone 14 Pro Max also features a slightly bigger battery capacity of 29 hours, 1 hour more than the i13. Alongside this, it also claims compatibility with all of the new Apple services, including crash detection and satellite connection. But is that really it, and should you upgrade to the new iPhone 14? Find out below:

Why should you upgrade to the new iPhone 14?

This year, the improvements are not huge. But, the Pro models are being boosted and we love the idea of a new “Plus” model which has the power of an excellent smartphone and a big screen, at a lower price.

Our favourite improvement this year is the new Dynamic Island. However, let’s not discount the powerful A16 chip, operating 40% faster and with less strain on the battery!

Not interested in the new series? Check out our iPhone 12, iPhone 13 and iPhone SE deals.

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When is the official iPhone 14 release date?

iPhone 14, 14 Pro and Pro Max devices will be released to the public on September 16th – wait a minute, that’s been and gone! Buy the iPhone 14 for your business now, or stick around and wait for the new “Plus” model.

The iPhone 14 Plus will be available on October 7th, so stay alert. But why wait? We’ve already got our foot in the door & have loads of Apple business deals on offer, all the way up to the new iPhone 14 Pro Max. Click the image below & order yours today…

Buy iPhone 14 Series now available for pre-order product banner

How to watch the previous 2022 Apple Events?

Want to see the biggest announcements of the previous Apple events? Watch it from the comfort of your computer or phone.

View the March 2022 Apple Event “Peek performance” recap here:

View the October 2022 Apple Event “Unleashed” recap here:

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