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iOS 18: New Features, Release Date & More

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iOS 18 is another example of how Apple’s yearly operating system update release has grown to be a big deal for iPhone owners and tech fans around the globe. This most recent version carries on Apple’s legacy of improving user experience by combining state-of-the-art technology, a well-designed user interface, and creative new features.

iOS 18 promises to be an all-new experience for iPhone users. From significant improvements that completely rethink how we interact with our devices to little adjustments that enhance efficiency and usability: here’s everything you need to know.

No Introduction Necessary: iOS 18 Overview

Several iPhone models with iOS 18 on display

Every year, modern mobile devices become more open to personalisation and customisation. The upcoming iOS 18 update is all about these features, providing a whole new look to the icons, and supporting more flexibility and freedom.

New apps are incoming, with even more added functions for your personal convenience and comfort. Your iPhone is about to become your very own centre for so many tasks. So much so, that you may not even need to use your computer anymore.

Now, with that out of the way, let’s cover the release date and best new features of the 2024 iOS 18 update:

iOS 18 Release Date

So, when will iOS 18 be released? The latest version of its flag mobile operating system was announced by Apple at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). With its mesmerising tagline “Action Packed”, the event took place from June 10 to June 14, 2024.

New iOS 18 features

During the conference, Apple also announced the upcoming releases of iPadOS 18, watchOS 11, macOS 15, and visionOS 2. One of the main features presented was a tailor-made AI support for the new features, called Apple Intelligence.

The successor to iOS 17 is now available for testing; iOS 18 Beta 2 was released on June 24, 2024. But when is the actual release date for the latest operating system?

That is yet to be discovered… BUT, it is most likely to happen in sometime in September, as previous iOS releases were also scheduled for late summer.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to all those new and updated features coming in iOS 18…

iOS 18 Main Features: What to Expect?

iOS 18 promotional banner next to hand holding iPhone

Year after year the Silicon Valley tech giant surprises its fanbase with new exciting improvements. This time Apple has really outdone itself, creating an iOS update that will completely up the mobile game. Some features were expected, and others are likely to blow your mind. So, let us explore some of the most thrilling ones!

1.      Redesigned Home Screen and Widgets

iPhone with iOS 18 showing custom home screen and widgets

iOS 18 is sure to satisfy the needs and expectations of those who enjoy a refreshing look on their smartphone. With revamped widgets and increased customisation possibilities, the operating system gives the Home Screen a modern makeover.

These days, widgets are more dynamic and show data in real-time right on the Home Screen, from sports scores or weather reports. By stacking widgets of various sizes and swiping between them, users can maximize the amount of information they see.

2.      Radical Photo Enhancements

iPhone showcasing new iOS 18 photo gallery features

Collections are automated to assign separate photos to their categories. The whole gallery will become even more convenient to browse, allowing users for more comfortable access.

Furthermore, the Photos app will be packed with even more sophisticated editing options. These include new filters, tweaks, and AI-powered upgrades that can automatically improve your iPhone photography.

3.      More Dynamic Messaging

iPhone screen showing new iOS 18 dynamic messaging feature

The iMessage app will become a lot more user-friendly, addressing their modern needs. Bolding, underlining, and writing in italics is nothing new, but how about magnifying important parts of your texts?

iPhone users will be able to use funny animated effects for any letters, words, phrases, or emojis. Moreover, messages can be delayed with the brand-new Send Later feature, which is useful for planning future communications.

4.      Improved Email Organisation

iPhone showcasing new iOS 18 email organisation features

Users bombarded with emails every day are likely to enjoy the new organisation features in iOS 18. There is a new Primary category for urgent messages that require faster responses for your family, friends, or coworkers.

Easily categorise the rest of your emails, like billing, marketing messages, or newsletters. Convenience at its best, iMessage will become a lot more user-friendly. Bolding, underlining, and writing in italics is nothing new, but how about magnifying important parts of your texts? iOS 18 has all this and more!

5.      Simpler Browsing With Safari

iPhone showcasing new iOS 18 Safari features with AI assistance

Safari will now be at its peak performance, once the new features are finally live. The built-in Apple browser is finally going to be more user-friendly by highlighting the main information the user is looking for.

Interestingly enough, this innovation will work automatically. Also, the Reader app functionality is about to increase thanks to an automated table of contents and advanced summary. AI is coming in hot!

6.      Maps: Topography and Trail Blazing

iPhone showcasing iOS 18 new and improved Apple maps

Calling all hikers! This is about to become one of the most intriguing features that comes with the new iOS update in 2024. Users will be able to download topography maps with marked trails, and then look through them offline.

Experience the great outdoors like never before, with all these functions packed in the usual Maps app. The program will even allow for marking your very own trails, and then sharing them with your friends.

7.      New AirPods & Accessory Integrations

iPhone showcasing new iOS 18 device integrations including smart hairdryer

Can you imagine your life without music? We can’t either! If you use your AirPods Pro, you are going to enjoy the whole new enhancement designed in iOS 18. The sound isolation feature will improve sound quality not only when blasting those new beats but also during calls and conversations.

What’s more, AirPods will become even more efficient while playing games with the new surround system built into the updated iOS. Truly a much more immersive and complete audio experience!

8.      Advanced Notes Features

iPhone showcasing new iOS 18 Notes features with coloured text highlights

Do you take a lot of notes? Then you might love the new features proposed by Apple. You will be able to record audio text directly in your Notes and generate a live transcription of it. These transcriptions can then be searched or linked to other comments, checklists, or documents.

Furthermore, you will be able to use the Notes app for simple math calculations on demand. Managing your budget using this feature is now even more relevant and reliable.

9.      More Insights In the Journal App

iPhone showcasing new iOS 18 journal feature

Introduced in Apple iOS 17, the Journal App is a wonderful new feature, which is highly popular among iPhone enthusiasts. It allows its users to find time to reflect on past and current events, nurturing self-awareness and self-care.

As soon as iOS 18 is available in 2024, the app will become even more personalised and robust. More insights are going to become available, allowing the users to aim for the realisation of their personal goals.

10.  Apple TV iPhone App

iPhone showcasing new iOS 18 Apple TV features

There are new and thrilling functions designed for people who subscribe to Apple TV. A refreshed native iPhone application will now allow you to discover more about the materials you are watching.

The InSight feature is designed to browse specific data about the actors you see and the music you hear while enjoying any scene of the movie or show. This feature is also available when using your iPhone as a remote control for that lovely Apple TV 4K you own.

iOS 18 and Apple Intelligence AI

One more thing… A feature, or rather a set of features, that deserves more insight. Apple AI, which does not stand for Artificial Intelligence, but Apple Intelligence. Nevertheless, it is powered by impressive generative models, which might change the game forever.

Apple Intelligence is an individual AI system with the aim of a thorough personalisation of all user experiences. This fantastic technology supports every operation on iPhone, iPad, and Mac devices. Here’s a sneak peek at our favourite new features made possible with the use of iOS 18 AI functionality:

  • ChatGPT-4o: The advanced large language model from Open AI will be available as an added feature in iOS 18 for free.
  • Understanding human language: AI will support the user in terms of adequate language use in both writing and communication.
  • Image Playground: A new feature for creating AI-supported images using Animation, Illustration, or Sketch functions.
  • Genmoji: New emojis are created on the go by simply putting in your request or based on specific photos and images.
  • Photo browsing: Apple Intelligence will allow you to find the exact photo in your gallery by simply saying out loud what you are looking for.
  • Siri: Apple’s personal assistant is getting more integrated thanks to its voice analysis features, nurturing more precision and responsibility in task performance.
  • Overall quality: The built-in assistant will support the functionality of all Apple apps, offering an optimised, streamlined experience.

Apple has made a commitment to make its newest iOS update more personalised and support cross-app integration. The wider use of AI innovations is what makes iOS 18 the avant-garde operating system, and a recommendable alternative to Pixel 8 with its Google AI technology.

Compatible Apple iPhone Devices

Row of iPhone models in Pink, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Grey colours

Even though the latest iOS release is going to be packed with innovations, Apple still continues its commitment to make the operating system compatible with older devices.

From the latest iPhone 15 to the 2nd Gen SE, here is the full list of iOS 18 compatible devices:

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iPhone users will be thrilled to know that they can get ahold of the new iOS without the need to buy the newest phones. This way Apple pays respect to those who possess older devices, making its new features more accessible to the public.


    Accessibility has always been a top priority for Apple, thus the company continues to enhance its mobile operating system with several enhancements. The following features have been tailored to support users who need a little bit of help from time to time:

    • Voice control enhancements: While this feature debuted in iOS 13, it has already seen a lot of changes. Expanded voice commands and enhanced speech recognition enable users to navigate more effectively, facilitating device operation for people with movement limitations.
    • AssistiveTouch improvements: To give people with physical limitations additional ways to engage with their iPhones, AssistiveTouch has been improved to enable more customisation choices and gestures.
    • Live captioning: Building on the popularity of Live Text, iOS 18 brings real-time captioning for audio and video material, facilitating the enjoyment of multimedia content by those with hearing impairments.
    • Magnifier app augmentations: To help those who are visually impaired navigate their environment more easily, the app now has additional detection modes for more safety and efficiency in day-to-day use.

    iOS 18: Is It Worth Updating?

    As soon as iOS 18 is publicly available, all iPhone users will be able to update from iOS 17 to the latest version. Sure, some of these new iOS 18 features might seem funny to those used to Android functionality. However, when it comes to Apple’s distinctive approach to mobile tech, even the slightest improvements in photos, messages, and widgets, could be considered milestones.

    Thankfully, with each new iOS update, we are slowly getting closer to a wholesome operating system, which becomes more personalised and comfortable to use.

    Infographic of new iOS 18 features including Emoji/Text effets, Journal, Gmae Mode, Hidden Apps, Satellite support, Home screen customisation, and more.
    Image credit:

    iOS 18 has advanced significantly with the addition of several new features and enhancements that improve the user experience on all platforms. This time Apple has something for everyone, from the improved photography and smarter Siri to the revamped Home Screen and cutting-edge AI features. iOS 18 is guaranteed to wow, whether you are a serious photographer, a self-care enthusiast, or just someone looking for a more productive and fun smartphone experience.

    This most recent update demonstrates Apple’s continued dedication to privacy, accessibility, and innovation while guaranteeing that iPhone customers have access to the newest and greatest technologies.

    So, there you have it… We hope you’re just as excited for this epic iOS 18 update as we are!

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