What Are the Benefits of Mobile Devices in Business?

Today’s workforce has been transformed by technology and connectivity, with mobile devices and
smart tech making daily tasks more accessible and manageable. It is hard to consider what would
happen to the thousands of businesses across the globe if instant access to vendors, clients,
proprietary software and the internet were to suddenly go away. Employees would be back to
staffing desks with landline phones and stationary computer towers. Of the many benefits of
mobile devices in business, perhaps the most significant is the way these devices allow small
businesses to reach the next level of growth.

Explore 4 Key Benefits of Mobile Devices in Business

Mobile devices include a wide range of equipment from tablets to smartphones. Each of these
pieces of tech can have a different use in daily business operations, but including them as part of
the growth strategy can bring a number of benefits.

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1. Enhanced Communication

As a company grows, better communication is foundational to efficiency, productivity and service.
Better communication between employees is just as critical as better communication with the
customer. Mobile devices give employees the tools they need to communicate in a real-time,
asynchronous manner from anywhere and to anyone whenever they need. Waiting on meetings
or interdepartmental memos is time-consuming and leaves room for miscommunication or errors
when the information isn’t readily available.

2. Greater Collaboration

Telecollaboration is another reason to consider integrating mobile devices into your business
strategy. Employees don’t have to wait until they are physically gathered with their peers or at
their desks to access documents or resources for the task at hand. Smartphones provide access
to emails, video conferencing, document storage and more, allowing employees to work
simultaneously with accurate information.

3. Remote Employment

The ability to work from anywhere is another of the key benefits of mobile devices in business.
Remote employment has been surging, with about one in four Americans working from home.
Thanks to mobile devices, these employees are able to stay connected with what is going on at
the office without any interruption. Telecommuters tend to have higher morale and are often more
productive as they work within minimal distractions. Both tablets and smartphones that access
the internet can deliver similar functions to a stationary computer, allowing the workspace to be

4.Enhanced Connectivity

Mobile devices have an impact on how well employees are able to respond to their tasks and
each other, but the increased connectivity is also important to consumers, partners and suppliers.
While instant chat platforms make it easy for employees to engage with one other, text
messaging, social networking apps and video conferencing are tools that can be expanded for
consumer and vendor use. Customer notifications or updates can be sent wirelessly through
email or texts, while business management apps can keep managers on top of invoices. These
abilities can replace paper-based and manual input activities, freeing up time and reducing
operational costs.

Get the Benefits of Mobile Devices in Business

Take your business to the next level with Business Mobiles. With a wide range of devices and
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