Hey Siri – How To Use Siri For Business Purposes

Whether you call on Siri by accident or simply forget that Siri is even a feature on your iPhone then we are here to tell you how you can use Siri to make your life a little easier. Think of Siri as your little assistant who quite literally fits in your pocket. With Siri, a helping hand is never too far away so don’t miss out on all its handy features. Here is how you can utilise Siri for business purposes in your daily routine.  

A Helping Hand 

As a business owner life can get a bit chaotic. If you seem to always have a million and one things happening at once, sometimes it can be useful to have an extra pair of hands. Though Siri may not have physical hands it sure is happy to lend one.  

Siri can find out information to answer all your questions. From the weather, directions or even finding your device, Siri has the answers for you. Simply shout “Hey Siri” and your little assistant will be on the case. So, when you are trying to get 101 things done at once, Siri can be that extra helping hand to make the task load a little lighter. All you have to do is ask! 

Don’t Forget! 

Siri is like a second brain you can rely on. Simply ask Siri to set a reminder so you never forget a crucial task when out and about. The best thing about Siri’s reminders is that you can have it set to a specific location to alert you. If you have addresses listed in your contacts, then Siri will remind you when your GPS gets close to the location. 

For example, if you need to remember to make an important call once you reach the office Siri will remind you promptly to do so when you arrive. The perfect feature to stay on top of your to-do list for even the most forgetful individuals.   

Shoot A Text  

This trick is perfect for when you are driving in a car on your way to a meeting but suddenly hit traffic. Or if you remember you forgot to remind your colleagues about an important deadline or idea. Whatever the reason you can simply politely ask Siri to send them a quick message. Not only will Siri take note of the content of the message but will read it aloud to you in order to prevent any errors before sending.  

If you have a pair of Airpods you can change your settings to have Siri read out all your notifications. This way you never miss an urgent message because you are blasting music or out of reach of your device. The best way to stay connected without being glued to your screen.  Click Here to learn how to use Siri across all your Apple devices.

Count The Minutes 

Want to take control of your time? With Siri, you can take time back into your hands by setting alarms and timers throughout the day. Simply ask “Hey Siri set a timer for 30 minutes” and put your head down and get back to work. We find this feature especially useful when you want to set a timer or alarm but don’t want to get sucked into all the distractions your phone may hold. If this sounds like something you need then why don’t you check out our blog post on the best focus apps HERE.  

No Pen? No Problem! 

Capture inspiration as it strikes no matter where you are. Ask Siri to take notes and speak your ideas into existence. Never lose an innovative idea to a lack of stationery, with Siri all ideas are stored (even the ones that should never leave the notes app). Ask Siri to create a note and never worry about an idea passing you by again! 

Easy Conversions & Time Zone Clarity 

If your business is international, it can be quite difficult to keep up with all the different conversions and time zones. Save time constantly googling the answers and simply ask Siri. You can find out if it’s too early to call a client in America and save yourself the awkwardness of waking up your best customer. Similarly, if you have been given a quote in dollars and want to know how much that is exactly in pounds, Siri is on the case. Accurate and efficient you never have to worry about doing the math wrong again.  

Heads or Tails?

Not the most logical way of coming up with a decision, but we know that desperate times can result in desperate measures. So, if you are ever in a pinch or need to settle a dispute, simply ask Siri to flip a coin and accept your fate.  Use Siri for business purposes even if it’s not so conventional.

Listen Hands Free 

If like us you are all for an effective concentration playlist then this is just what you need to jam out with ease. Take back control of your music and listen on the go. Ask Siri to put on your work playlist, skip a song, or pause all together when you get an important call coming in.  All this and you don’t even have to press a button.

Those were just a few ways that you can use Siri for business purposes. If you want to learn more head to Apple’s official website to discover more features HERE. It’s time to take advantage of your virtual assistant and make your workday a little bit lighter. And finally, don’t forget to say: “Hey Siri, thank you for all your help!” 

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