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UK Networks 2023 Price increase with EE, Vodafone, O2, Virgin Mobile, Three, and Sky network logos

How to Beat EE’s 14.4% Price Increase of 2023

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From March 31st, EE, BT, Three, Vodafone, and many more networks will share up to a 14.4% price increase for 2023 – one of the biggest to date. Be it business broadband or a mobile contract, these hikes will hit your monthly bills in full effect by April.

This increase is in line with the previous year’s inflation rate, calculated with the Consumer Prices Index (CPI) plus an additional  ~3.9%. Official reports stated a CPI rate of 10.5% in December 2022, allowing providers to raise prices from 13% to 14.4% for this year. 

Read on to see the list of affected networks & our simple steps to counter these rising rates.

Graph of 10.5% UK CPI inflation rate from 2014 to December 2022
Source: Office for National Statistics

How Will This Impact Me?

For existing contracts, expect to start paying extra by your monthly billing date in April. Most providers have mid-contract changes written into the terms & conditions. As a result, this increase will impact ALL SoHo & SME plans, even for those who signed on at a fixed price. 

It’s estimated that the average broadband user could end up paying an additional £50+ per year, with mobile contracts also rising from £1 to upwards of £5.40 a month. These extra charges will take effect from the 31st of March and reflected in your following bill.

Infographic of three businessmen holding money and working next to a giant clock and cash stack

Thinking Ahead 🧠

With the costs of living constantly rising, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and not act in time. Don’t let the bills pile up & learn how to defend your business from disaster.

Read to the end for 5+ PRICE SLASHING SOLUTIONS from our professionals + see why this happened & which networks are affected below:

Why Did EE Increase Its Prices in 2023?

Real life photograph of EE network storefront sign in London

EE is a little early, they are by no means the only operators to increase their rates…
Here’s what we know:

When? ⏱️

Previously, product prices were calculated with RPI (Retail Price Index) to measure the inflation of goods and services. EE will now scrap all RPI plan pricing in favour of switching over to CPI+ terms for 2023.

Using the latest CPI of 10.5% + 3.9% results in EE’s price increase of 14.4%.

Who? 🔍

With increasing inflation and a recession on the horizon, things aren’t looking the best for business. Most major UK providers have increased prices, from Three, Vodafone, and BT to TalkTalk, and more.

Learn if you’re impacted – see which UK networks are raising prices now.

We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but we can’t blame the networks completely. Now is the time to plan for the future, with our team at your side & some important industry insights.

Should You Stay with EE?

The big question on every EE member’s mind, with a surprisingly simple answer… YES!
Here’s why EE is still one of the best for business:

Potential Fees

Money bag icon cutout

If you’re an existing customer, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to end your contract without paying early termination fees

Free International Calls

International calls with EE icon cutout

Every EE business plan includes free International Direct Dialling minutes as standard, perfect for frequent fliers.

Uncapped Speeds

Cutout of uncapped plan and downlaod speeds icon

All plans remain uncapped for the fastest downloads, 5G coverage, reliability & nationwide connectivity.

Competitive Rates

Icon of shopping basket with low and competitive prices

With every major UK network increasing prices, EE continue to offer some of the best rates across many business plans

What About Other UK Networks?

It’s not just EE; most UK network providers are feeling the pressure. For now, three of the “Big Four” are switching to a 14.4% increase, with the O2 price increase predicted to rise by up to ~17.9%.

Interestingly, BT Home Essentials, BT Basic, EE Mobile Basics, PAYG, and Home Phone Saver users can relax with prices frozen over 2023.

Collection of BT, Vodafone, Three, Virgin Media, and O2 UK network operator logos

Other big names include Virgin Media, PlusNet, Sky, and TalkTalk.
See price changes across major UK networks below:

O2 Price Increase

O2 banner with Price Increase 2023 changes

Unlike other networks, O2 continues to use RPI to calculate its pricing for a higher predicted ~17.9% increase (14% RPI + 3.9%) across most of its plans.

This estimated figure is adjusted each year with price changes active by April and will impact both Consumer & Business accounts.

Increase 📈
17.9% (RPI + 3.9%)

When? 📅
31st March 2023

Affected Plans:

  • Mobile Plans
  • PAYU
  • SIM-only
  • SME Plans
  • Broadband
  • Business Essentials

Three Price Increase

All Three SIM-only, mobile phone, and broadband plans are scheduled to increase by 14.4%, with customers estimated to pay an extra £4.80 per month (~£57 a year).

Three Mobile banner with Price Increase 2023 UK network changes

This will be reflected in the April bill of any new or upgrading customer joining between 29/10/2031/10/22. Three has also reportedly raised prices for “pay-as-you-go” plans by up to 250%. 

Unsure how this affects you? Use the Three monthly price calculator.

Increase 📈
14.4% (CPI + 3.9%)

When? 📅
31st March 2023

Affected Plans:

  • Mobile Plans
  • Broadband
  • SIM-only
  • PAYG

Vodafone Price Increase

Vodafone will raise their rates by 14.4% on both Business/Personal plans alike. Their terms cover annual price changes on both variable & fixed-rate plans across all contracts.

Vodafone banner with Price Increase 2023 UK network changes

Vodafone prices contracts depending on the date they were signed. Currently, it uses RPI to price plans preceding 09/12/20. Plans signed past this date onwards are calculated using CPI +3.9%. 

These changes will likely affect Business SIM-only, mobile phone, tablet, and broadband plans.

Increase 📈
14.4% (CPI + 3.9%)

When? 📅
31st March 2023

Affected Plans:

  • Mobile Plans
  • Broadband
  • SIM-only
  • Tablets

BT Price Increase

BT will increase the prices of its products by 14.4% – the largest markup of UK broadband services in decades.

BT banner with Price Increase 2023 UK network changes

BT’s terms cover annual price changes including across fixed-rate plans. All new customers who signed on after September 2020 are subject to this annual increase.

This extends to BT’s other “broad-brands”, EE Broadband and Plusnet. We advise checking your contract for any additional exit fees to prevent overpaying for early termination.

Increase 📈
14.4% (CPI + 3.9%)

When? 📅
31st March 2023

Affected Plans:

  • Broadband
  • Phone Lines
  • Plusnet Plans
  • EE Plans

TalkTalk Price Increase

TalkTalk will increase prices by 14.2% at the end of March 2023. UK Network TalkTalk state that this decision has been made to due increasing costs & reinvestment into the network.

TalkTalk broadband banner with Price Increase 2023 UK network changes

This is an estimated increase of up to £70+ per year and will only apply to broadband packages.

For example, those paying £49 per month for broadband may see this figure rise to £55.96 (an extra £83+ a year). Home phone and TalkTalk TV service prices will not increase.

Increase 📈
14.2% (CPI + 3.7%)

When? 📅
31st March 2023

Affected Plans:

  • Broadband Plans
  • Fibre/Phone Lines

Sky Price Increase

This is Sky’s first price change in five years. If you’re included, Sky will relay this price shift at least 30 days before it is due to you via email, text, or other means.

Sky banner with Price Increase 2023 UK network changes

Sky’s terms & conditions do not cover an annual price increase. You’re free to cancel your contract without penalty should prices rise past the agreed amount.

This is why prices are only increasing for “out-of-contract” users. Contracts ending after 14th February 2023 will remain on their current plan & price.

Increase 📈
~9% (average)

When? 📅
14th February 2023

Affected Plans:

  • Sky Mobile
  • Broadband
  • TV Services
  • Phone Lines

How to Avoid the 2023 Price Changes

So, the big question – how do you avoid these network price changes?
It’s a tricky one, as each outcome depends on your chosen contract, expected use, and more.

Luckily, we’re here to help recession-proof your business for 2023!


Most UK networks are raising prices, making it almost impossible to prevent yourself from paying extra.

We have a few secret ways to beat the increase & even avoid it entirely:


There are a lot more answers that we won’t say here… It’s only fair that we save all of the best tricks for our friends & customers.

TALK TO OUR EXPERTS to learn the TOP SECRET inflation-busting tips that other industry pros won’t tell you, save the most money & maybe even pay less!

Business Mobiles logo

Our Best PUBLIC Advice:

There are some less effective ideas that we can share to help you plan for these price changes.
Some simple ways to avoid additional charges:

A) Swap to a SIM-only Plan

Overall, the price increase of SIM-only is significantly lower than other plans, resulting in a smaller change.

Switching over to a SIM-only plan could save you the most money; our Three Unlimited Data deal currently costs £14.17 and will only increase by ~£2.

Cutout of EE Business SIM only 50GB plan with BusinessMobiles.com logo

B) Choose a Cheaper Handset

Keep your line rental low so that the 14.4% increase only represents a small change.

For example, +14.4% on a iPhone 14 Pro Max contract (24M) is an additional ~£238, whereas an older iPhone 11 would only cost an extra ~£93 total.

Infographic cutout of two mobile phone models comparing prices

C) Pick a Shorter Contract Length

Nothing is preventing UK networks from further raising these new rates next year.

A shorter contract negates compounding increases without much additional cost. However, 1-2 year contracts include far fewer benefits, so assess your desired usage first.

Infographic of happy user signing their preferred business contract

D) Switch Providers

As this is a 14.4% increase on EXISTING prices, most networks will still offer varying rates.

Your plan, contract length, services, add-ons, and other factors influence your value for money. Check your contract terms firstyou may end up paying excess in early cancellation fees.

Cutout of cartoon man smiling as he uses his smartphone

E) Switch to Business VoIP

VoIP is a highly reliable and affordable alternative with a bunch of advantages over traditional phone systems & mobiles.

So, if you’re seeking a solution to rising network rates, a Business VoIP phone system makes a remarkably effective replacement. Learn the benefits of VoIP for business, or…

Business VoIP phone systems with telephone and globe icons

Don’t Wait Too Long!

So, that’s the great UK Network Price Increase of 2023 in a nutshell. It seems all networks are set to increase their prices due to inflation (fingers crossed that next year’s increase isn’t so steep). We hope we helped highlight what you can do to prevent paying excess.

We have lots of loopholes & secret strategies for countering this change. Take full advantage of over 23 years of industry expertise; contact our team now to bypass these rising costs of business before it starts to sting.

Alternatively, here’s how to get Free London Underground WiFi for EE, Vodafone, Three, and O2 customers!

BusinessMobiles.com Contact team pictures
Learn our secret solution to beating the increase – speak to us today.

UK Network Price Increase FAQs

“CPI”, is a figure published by the Office for National Statistics(ONS) as a measure of inflation. It is a reliable measure to reflect the increase in the costs to run and invest in network services.

CPI is a measure of whether the cost of goods and services is going up or down based on average price changes from across several industries and measures inflation by taking a basket of goods (e.g., food, clothes, petrol etc.) looking at what they cost last year, looking at what they cost now, and finding the difference.

However, CPI leaves the costs of your home out of the basket (e.g., rises in mortgage payments, rents, and council tax) so they don’t get reflected in it. A new index is published every month. There’s lots more information on the Office for National Statistics website, search ‘CPI ONS’ for more.

If you joined or resigned on or after 1st September 2020, your monthly line rental, add-ons (excluding 3rd party content add-ons, insurance and add-to-plan) and out-of-bundle charges (e.g. International calls or calls made outside of call plans) will increase by the CPI % inflation rate +3.9%

If you cancel before the end of your price plan’s minimum term, you’ll need to pay a termination charge for cancelling early. If you’re out of contract, you’re free to end your service without having to pay any termination charges. Some network operators do not enforce early cancellation.

PLEASE NOTE: These conditions are dependent on the terms set by your provider of choice. Check these beforehand to avoid any cancellation fees.

If you upgrade or resign onto a new plan from 1 March 2023 then the price increase doesn’t apply to your price plan this year. Your new plan will receive an annual price increase on or after 31 March 2024. The add-ons and OOB increase will still apply from 31 March 2023.

Existing customers continuing their contract from March will see their monthly bill increase, whether it is fixed or not. Affected products & plans include:

-EE and TM price plans
-PAYM handset plans
-SIM Only plans
-Mobile broadband plans
-Tablet plans
-4G router plans
-Watch plans
-Selected Add-ons
-Selected Out of bundle charges

It’s also worth remembering, EE ended the year with some of the best priced plans available, meaning that they will still remain an economical choice for many.


-EE = 13.9%

-Vodafone = 13.9%

-Three Mobile = 13.9%

-Plusnet = 13.9%

-BT = 13.9%

-TalkTalk = 13.7%

-Shell Energy = 13%


-O2 = 17.9%

-Virgin = 17.9%

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