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Women uses her iPhone to cut down and reduce mobile data usage

How to Reduce Data Usage

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Want to stay on top of your contract and reduce data usage? Then you need to learn these 5 tips to cut down on how much you use:

5 Ways To Cut Down Mobile Data Usage

1. Automatically Connect To WIFI

When WIFI is available there is no need to eat up your precious data. To avoid this simply go to your settings and make sure your device is connected to a secure WIFI network. Your mobile will automatically recognise these connections the next time you visit that location.

Man connects mobile phone to WiFi to cut down and reduce data usage

This is the biggest way to reduce data usage, so make sure to always ask for the WIFI password! It doesn’t hurt to keep an eye out and double-check that you are connected before you decide to watch a data-consuming video too!

2. Close Apps

Moving on to a fairly underrated method on how to use less data. Exiting an app is one thing, but making sure it is properly closed is the best way to prevent usage.

Many open apps, especially those that use location services, will continue sending and receiving information even when you have exited the app. This will waste data and also take a chunk out of your battery life. So make sure you are shutting down apps properly to best reduce data usage.

Man using phone on London underground needs to cut down on mobile data use

3. Use WIFI

Take advantage of your WIFI connection whilst you are connected. So if you need to download big files or update your apps, then make sure you do all that when connected to WIFI.

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4. Turn Off Cellular Data

Cellular data is what you use when there is no WIFI connection. So if you do not want to waste your data, then why not switch it off when you aren’t using your mobile?

A super simple solution, especially when in a pinch. Whilst this will absolutely cut down mobile data usage, make sure you will not need it for anything important, such as an email!

How to reduce data usage on iPhone

5. Check Your Apps

If you really want to keep on top of your data usage then have a look at what apps are consuming the most. This way you can be aware and avoid using them when you aren’t connected to WIFI.

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