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Toggl Track blog post

Lost in time? Track your hours with Toggl Track!

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Ever found yourself working all day, but not being able to tick things off your to-do list? Do you ever wonder where all your time goes? Do you know how your team is managing their time? These are real questions that are difficult to answer. 

Business Mobiles is constantly looking for the best apps & software available on the market to help you run your business with a better communication, collaboration and productivity. 

Now, let me introduce you to Toggl Track. 

What is Toggl Track? 

Toggl track (previously known as Toggl) is one the most popular time tracker app available on today’s market. You can get it on desktop, mobile, and as a Google Chrome extension. This app is trusted by over 70,000 teams including Amazon, Google, and booking.com.   

Have you ever wondered how many hours you are spending on one project? You thought you worked only half an hour on this report when actually you spent 2 and a half hours on it… – I’m sure you know what I mean!  

Toggl track tells you exactly how long you and your team are spending on each project so you can plan better each day and thus be more efficient. It’s also a great tool for freelancers and consultants as they can track time spent on a project and invoice accordingly.   

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Toggl Track’s best features

Insert your projects: create new projects, add tags, colours, co-workers, or clients right in the app.   

One-click timer: the only thing to remember is to start the timer every time you work on a task. Just a click on the ‘play’ button and the time has started – it’s that simple! Toggl track is automatically updated on each of your devices so you can start the timer on your desktop, pause it on your phone, and resume it from the Chrome button. Toggl track will have it down to the second!   

Manual time entries: you worked on this email campaign yesterday but forgot to put the timer on? Don’t worry, you can also enter your hours manually on the app.   

Tracking reminders: set up targets and create reminders when they are not completed. For example, if your team is supposed to work 8 hours this week on the monthly report but didn’t reach the target, a reminder will be sent to the whole team to let them know.    

Toggl track Business Mobiles Review

– Integrations: Toggl track has over 100+ app integrations to link with your favourite apps such as FreshBooks, Todoist, and Microsoft Teams. My favourite is Google Calendar, although we still encourage you to read our Guide to Microsoft Teams too!

Billing rates: The premium subscription allows you to insert hourly rates to have in view how much you’ve earned with each project.   

Reporting: Toggl track gives you a global view of your progress that you can filter by week, by team member or by projects. There are also features to receive your weekly report by email and to export it on PDF, CSV and Excel as well as deeper insight such as data analysis included in the paid plans.   

What’s the price?  

Toggl Track offers a free version with basic features: Time-tracking, timeline, auto-tracker, idle detection, and more than 100 integrations. Toggl track has also three paid plans: Starter, Premium and Enterprise with extended features starting from USD 9 per month if paid annually. Looking for alternatives? Read our list of the best focus apps for work, or continue for our conclusion!


I’m sure you’ll agree with me when I say that it is an amazing discovery!  Toggl Track will make a huge difference in the way you organise your days and it is so easy to use. I personally added the Chrome extension and I can start the timer with one click (My biggest challenge is to remember to turn it off when the task is done… oops!). Learn more from the official Toggl Track website here, or return to the Business Mobiles blog now!

Watch our video review of Toggl now:

And you, what’s your favourite time-tracking app? Let us know in the comment section below, or read our collection of the best team work apps now!


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