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What phone has the best battery life?

What Mobile Has The Best Battery Life?

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Looking for the very best battery life mobile, or wondering what phone has the longest battery life? Look no further than this post, where we discuss the best mobile phone for battery life, alongside all of the added benefits!

Woman holding iPhone with low charged battery screen near window

Constantly being tethered to a plug is not only inconvenient, it is also unrealistic. You don’t want to find yourself stuck with a drained and dying phone, or lugging around a portable charger.

It is estimated that we spend around 34 years staring at or phone screens during our lives. Averaging two and a half hours every day and for some of us, when our work is on our mobile, it is even more. With so much time being spent on our mobiles it is important that we have a battery life that can keep up.

Woman charging iPhone wonders what mobile has the best battery life

Here are a few reasons why this is so important and a selection of the best battery life mobile options, recommended for the longest lasting performance:

Why Is A Big Battery Helpful?

When you’re out and about you need a battery life you can depend on. This is especially important when traveling as you do not have access to a plug to recharge.

Yes, there is always the option of carrying around a portable charger, but you wouldn’t need to if you purchased the right phone in the first place… A dependable smartphone is all you need!

How Is Battery Life Measured?

The longevity of a battery is measured in mAh (milliamp hour). The higher the mAh is the more power it can hold. And the longer it can last before needing to be recharged.

Best battery life mobile 2021

What Affects Battery Life?

There are many factors that can affect your mobiles life:

  • Having 4G or 5G mobile data running in the background
  • Streaming videos
  • The brightness level on your screen
  • Not charging your mobile properly
  • The different temperatures your mobile is exposed to
  • How old your mobile is

Mobile Brands With The Best Battery Life

Do you have a favourite mobile brand? Regardless of who your favourite is, here are just a few that are considered to be the best mobile brands:

  • Apple
  • Samsung
  • Google
  • Huawei
  • Nokia
  • Motorola
  • Nokia
  • Xiaomi

The Best Battery Life Mobile of 2021

Now here are a few mobiles that we recommend if you are in search of reliable battery life.

iPhone 13 Pro Max

The latest and greatest iPhone with the longest battery life to date. With a battery capacity of 4,352mAh, the iPhone 13 Pro Max has plenty to offer, other than its stunning features and incredible camera.

Unlocked iPhone 13 Pro Max standing on desk with best mobile battery life

Samsung Galaxy M51

Moving on to the M51, a top Android phone with the best battery life for it’s class. With a total life of 7,000mAh, it’s actually one of the largest on a smartphone to date and almost the largest on our list.

Product image of unlocked Samsung Galaxy 51 in black and white colour options

Huawei Enjoy 20 SE

Joint with the Huawei Honor X10 Max, the 20 SE has a total capacity of 5,000mAh to keep you going throughout the day. That’s more than enough battery life!

Cutouts of various Huawei Enjoy 20 SE smartphone colours

Google Pixel 5a 5G

Google’s latest release has a total capacity of 4,680mAh, which should prove easily enough for your day to day use.

Two unlocked Google Pixel 5a 5G enabled smartphones lying on grey background

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G

Released in January 2021, the S21 Ultra 5G is the second-latest Samsung S21 model to date as of October 2021. With a total capacity of 5,000mAh.

Learn all about the newest Samsung S22 models now, or get your hands on a great new business mobile deal below!

Several unlocked Samsung Galaxy S21+ 5G enabled smartphones with long battery life

Grab A New Mobile

Now that you know the best mobile phone for battery life, and what can affect its overall life, it’s time to upgrade. Still unsure of your needs? Read through our list of the 10+ BEST mobile phones for business now!

Looking for the latest releases? Read our list of the biggest upcoming New Phones of 2023, including the iPhone 15, Pixel Fold, and Samsung Z Fold 5 / Z Flip 5!


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