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Our Best Business Broadband Deal

D-Link DWR-932

4G/LTE Mobile Router

D Link DWR 932 5G router for business broadband and internet

Why BWR-932?

Stay Connected

Connect and share super-fast 4G LTE mobile Internet.

Connect Multiple Devices

Share the internet with all your devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops.

Stay Safe

DWR-932 has a built-in firewall to protect you against attacks over the internet.

On The Go

The small device fits in your pocket and can be used anywhere.

From £16.67 per month

Stay Connected

Connect and share super-fast 4G LTE mobile Internet.

Connect Multiple Devices

Share the internet with all your devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops.

Stay Safe

DWR-932 has a built-in firewall to protect you against attacks over the internet.

On The Go

The small device fits in your pocket and can be used anywhere.

From £16.67 per month

Why choose a Business Broadband Provider?

Keep your company connected – enhance employee efficiency across the board with a reliable business broadband network provider.

Important for Your Image

A weak connection can impact your image when dealing with clients & limit your workers' efficiency. Do you really want a blurry frozen frame of your face to be the last thing a client sees when finishing a call? Didn't think so!

Essential for Modern Business

Fast & reliable business broadband is crucial for the success of modern businesses - especially in the world of remote work. You can either move with the times or get left behind; and without internet, you'll be walking blind!

Maximise Profits & Productivity

Never forgo even a fraction of efficiency! Sticking with a bad broadband connection will impact both productivity & profits. The average employee loses ~44 minutes of work hours every week because of bad broadband speeds.

No matter the scale, a good business broadband or internet Wi-Fi network will help optimise your operations.

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Small Business Broadband

We’re bringing small business broadband to whoever needs it. Stay connected, save time, and optimise your office with reliable internet. Who says big brands are the only ones who can benefit from a superfast business Wi-Fi network?

Together, we will build a bespoke broadband plan to supply your small business with Wi-Fi at the best possible price. From unlimited fibre and 70mb+ download speeds to lower-budget basic connections, our plans are made with you in mind.  

Business broadband and internet deals

Getting good internet for a Business Wi-Fi network

Setting up a connection to the internet for your business Wi-Fi network? If your premises does not already have a metred connection installed, you will likely require a technician to install a line (to get ON-line).

Alternatively, a 5G hub uses 5G coverage and connectivity within your working area. Once either of these is set up, it’s just a matter of connecting the routers, servers, or any other hardware & joining the network. 

Save money, speed up everyday tasks & get your company connected. Let us find the best business broadband deal for you:

Broadband for Business FAQs

When ~39% of employees claim their home internet is faster than at work, it’s important to make sure you lead the charge. Upgrade your internet with some of the best business broadband deals in the UK.

Contact our team or learn more from our FAQs:

How many routers do I need for my office?

This will depend on the size of your office premises, the total number of employees, and other requirements. Generally, if you have a small office with less than 10 employees, one router will prove more than enough.  


However, larger areas may require additional units to maintain connectivity. Worth noting, the average router has a maximum radius of ~150 ft (46 metres) before performance is impacted. We recommend contacting our team beforehand to confirm this.  

Who are the business internet providers in the UK?

The major internet providers in the UK are BT, Virgin Media, Sky, TalkTalk, Plusnet, EE, Vodafone, Three, Hyperoptic, Community Fibre, John Lewis, Gigaclear, Origin, Onestream, Shell Energy, Direct Save Telecom 

What is 5G business broadband?

5G is a great, cost-effective alternative to conventional fibre broadband, utilising a 5G network for employees to connect to instead.


This consists of a 5G hub which uses the same technology as modern mobiles and allows for arguably better connectivity and consistency, provided you have strong 5G coverage. 

Is Business Wi-Fi important?

Absolutely – at some point, your employees or company equipment will require an internet connection on-premises, especially medium to large businesses. There are many benefits of business broadband, from improved customer support and employee productivity to faster speeds over your existing internet connection.  


Nowadays, a reliable connection is truly essential for streamlining operations, online or otherwise! 

How do I keep a strong internet connection throughout the office?

There are several ways how to keep a strong internet connection throughout the office, proving an essential practice for those in larger premises. For starters, ensure your office contains enough routers to effectively cover the full area of devices, or a dedicated ethernet port for each device.  


Ensuring a single network doesn't have too many connected devices can also become an issue, although this usually affects larger enterprises. However, the most important factor for any business Wi-Fi network is a secure connection - ensure your office network is set to private and all routers are routinely updated. 

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