The Ultimate Collaboration Tools when Working from Home: Zoom

How can Zoom help you and your business?


The past few weeks have been an incredibly stressful time for individuals and businesses alike – with one of the big questions arising being: How will we, as a company, function from home? are here to help. We’ve come up with a viable contingency plan that will have any office up and running remotely in a matter of minutes – and we’d love to share the tools we’ve been using with you! 

Zoom is a fantastic application that provides users with simplified video conferencing, real-time messaging, content sharing, and streamlined calendaring.  


 Video Meetings 

The main function of Zoom is its high-quality video and audio meetings. You can join a call via a link from literally anywhere in the world with an internet connection, on any device.  

Whether it’s a conference meeting, a training session, or a quick catch up with the team – Zoom provides all the tools you could possibly need, including screen sharing (which multiple participants can do simultaneously), live co-annotation, and even the recording of meetings for future reference (for which Zoom will even auto-generate transcripts!).  

Up to 1,000 participants can join a meeting, with 49 users able to be on screen.   



Zoom enables users to create and chat with different groups – privately or publicly, share files, search for content within chats, and easily and seamlessly start meetings from within them. 

Their chat feature also offers 10 years’ worth of archives – now that’s a long time! 

Other features include calendar integrations that will show your fellow colleagues whether you’re online, busy, in a meeting, or offline. Users are also able to choose which notifications they receive, in turn prioritising what’s really important to them.  

Perfect for departments and teams of any size, Zoom will have you feeling as if you’ve never left the office.  



Zoom takes security very seriously, offering several tools on protecting your meetings.  

Some of their security features include: 

  • End-to-end encryption
  • Password protection on meetings
  • Choose whether only those with certain email domains can join
  • Meeting hosts must be present before meetings start
  • Ability to expel any participant
  • Locking meetings
  • Watermarks on shared screens
  • Audio signatures
  • Disable users from being able to record


Zoom will also only store your basic information and has various authentication methods. You can check out more on their security here!   

Check out the video below to see Zoom in action and see why it could be the perfect tool for you and your business when working from home!  

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