Will Apple be Releasing a Foldable iPhone?

Apple may be secretly working on a foldable device – and here’s how it might look…

Throughout 2019, foldable phones have been released here, there, and everywhere – with huge brands such as Samsung and Huawei even coming out with their own versions.

The idea of Apple following in their footsteps is both incredibly exciting, and also a very likely possibility.

YouTuber Ts Designer has mocked up a 3D concept video of what we could predict the foldable device to look like – as he brands it, the ‘iFold’.

As imagined, the handset has a much larger screen like an iPad, but folds back to the size of a normal iPhone.

Check out the video!

While we’re yet to hear anything from Apple on the device, here’s why we think it could be in the works…

Ben Woods, industry expert, explained to The Sun that he believes it’s inconceivable that Apple has not been experimenting with folding displays for years.

He made a point of the fact that “Apple is rarely the first to embrace cutting-edge technologies like this and instead prefers to wait, and get the tech right.”

Ben assured users that Apple is most definitely scrutinizing the Huawei, Samsung, and other foldable devices in great detail to figure out how to best deliver their own version.

He even shared how if the foldable phone does ever make it to market, that Apple users can be expecting a phenomenal device. “History shows that Apple has an uncanny ability to take technology and implement it in ways others have not thought of, so I’m interested to see what an iPhone with a folding screen looks like if and when it comes to pass.”

Can we be expecting one soon?

While no plans have been confirmed, Apple has quite obviously shown their interest, having filed for patents previously – but it’s debatable whether or not this actually shows intent to create the device.

Here’s hoping!

What are your thoughts? Would you buy an ‘iFold’?

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