Benefit Your Business: Why Having Business Mobiles Are Important

Nowadays, most people own a mobile phone. We use phones to communicate with our loved ones, surf
the internet and shop. When it comes to our business mobiles, we can do so much more than talk and
text. We can perform our everyday tasks, strategise with our colleagues and organise information. There
are a lot of business-related tasks that you can do from a handset.
If you’re not sure if or why you should supply mobile handsets to your employees, we can help walk you
through the advantages of a business phone.

The Need for Mobile Phones in Business

Over the last year, desk-based jobs have changed. Many employees who worked behind desks now work
remotely. About 80% of the global workforce is mobile. With people out of the office or on the move,
traditional forms of communication such as bulletin boards and landline phones are less relevant. Digital
communication platforms are far more popular.
Sharing information is critical to your business’s success. You should have an easy path of
communication between yourself, your management team and your employees. When you have clear,
accessible communication between individuals, you are likely to have fewer errors. Enhanced business
communication allows your company to focus on goals as a team in or out of the workplace.

The Advantages of Mobile Phones in Business

Supplying your company with cell phones has a variety of benefits. While some organisations rely on
staff’s personal phones, a phone specifically for business has more benefits. Before you start choosing
between iOS and Android for your business mobiles, consider those advantages.

International Communication
If you are a global company, your staff and management need to be able to contact clients throughout the world.. For example, if you have a meeting with a client in Asia or a team meeting with staff located in
Australia, a cell phone makes it a lot easier to make contact. You can access the internet, send
documents and write emails from your phone. Even if you can’t meet up for a face-to-face call, you can
still upload documents for another person to see later.

Business Flexibility
Clients are more likely to be interested in a business with flexibility. Clients may have reservations about
working with a company that has a rigid schedule. If a client has to reach your company after hours, he or she has the highest likelihood of talking to someone when your employees have mobile phones. You
don’t have to be tied to your desk to schedule meetings, talk with clients, or multitask.

More Collaboration
If you want your business to excel beyond its competitors, then your employees have to be able to
collaborate. When your company has a diversity of ideas, you are more likely to see innovative solutions
coming from your company. With mobile communication, different departments can communicate with
each other. The staff members who work with the clients can provide insight into how the customers
receive your products and services. Often, they can provide their colleagues with new ideas on how to
introduce new services or products. The more people involved in a collaboration, the more likely you are
to have creative problem-solving.

Increased Employee Engagement
Having the ability to remain in contact is the best way to increase employee engagement. When you use
different mobile communication tools, you can gauge how well your workforce is doing. You can see whether your staff is engaging and whether you have weaknesses within management or staff. With this
data, you can find new ways to increase engagement. If you have workers spread throughout the country or the globe, they are more likely to engage with each other when they have the means to do it.

Empowered Employees
When you provide your employees with business mobiles, you may also be giving them a sense of
belonging. You are saying that you value them and see them as a part of a whole unit. Additionally, it
empowers them. Employees at all levels can communicate with one another. Workers respond better
when they can provide feedback and have direct communication with other members of the company.
Empowered employees are more likely to put forth more effort into your company.

The Difference Between Business Mobiles and Personal Mobiles

Personal Mobiles Cost the Company More
Many companies understand the importance of business mobiles, but not all provide phones for their
business. Instead, some reimburse their employees for business use. The problem with this method is
that you have to pay a variety of individual rate plans. When you establish a business account for multiple phones, you receive a discount. The more lines you need for your business, the odds are that you will pay less for each line. Since mobile providers have high competition, you are more likely to receive a good deal when looking for a business option.

Business Mobiles Allow Easier Contact
The executives, managers and IT staff need to be on call most of the time. They may need to be
contacted on short notice. If they carry a business phone, they are easier to get a hold of. They don’t have
to worry about keeping their personal device on at all times. When they carry the business phone, they
know the only reason they’re being contacted after hours is if it’s important. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about family members of the staff borrowing the personal device.

We Provide Solutions With Business Mobiles

Over 21 years ago, BusinessMobiles.com was one of the first companies to supply businesses with their first
web-accessible mobile phones. In 2001, owning a Blackberry phone provided businesses with 55 minutes
of extra productivity every day. As cell phone technology advances, we continue to support our clients’
needs for business mobiles. Not are we only interested in helping you find a phone, but we can also teach you how to use it. Contact us today if you need a quote or if you have any questions about mobile phones for your business.

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