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Would you have your wedding shot on a Smartphone?

This brave couple did – and the results are insane!

Smartphones have come a long, long way over the past few years – with several companies stating that their phone camera quality now measures up to the top professional cameras. 

One British couple decided to put this claim to the test in perhaps the riskiest way possible – with their wedding photos.

34-year-old James Sherris and his bride, Holly Eeles, celebrated their wedding in the gorgeous Lake District with 70 guests – but opted out of the classic DSLR to hire a smartphone-photographer.

Ian Weldon shot the entire wedding on his very own Huawei P30 Pro.

In his words; “In most instances, photographers would have at least two cameras, multiple lenses, and lighting equipment. But having shot Holly and James’s wedding exclusively on the P30 Pro, I can safely say it is also possible to capture an entire wedding on a smartphone.”

He continued by explaining; “My usual photography style is capturing candid moments, and using a mobile allowed me to move around and capture moments that would have been more difficult if using a traditional DSLR.”

What was the outcome?

“We were totally blown away by the quality of the photos – we couldn’t be happier with how they turned out!” said the initially apprehensive couple.

They described the experience as so natural, stating that they barely even noticed the photographer snapping away – and that they loved all of the candid shots.

As for Huawei, the company was equally as pleased with the outcome. “What better way to showcase the photography capabilities of our P30 Pro than put it to the ultimate test – a real life wedding.”

Image Credit: South West News Service

What do you think – will you be snapping your wedding photos on a smartphone?

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