The Ultimate Video Interview Software When Working From Home: Spark Hire

How can Spark Hire help you and your business?

As we are sure you have noticed, the recent pandemic has completely changed the way we are working and businesses across the globe have quickly had to adopt new remote work policies for their employees.  

In order to help you run your business efficiently from home, we here at have developed our very own Remote Working Contingency Plan and we would love to share the tools we’ve been using with you! 

Today, were introducing you to Spark Hire, a cloud-based video interviewing platform designed to ease the recruitment process. It features options for one-way, pre-recorded interviews as well as live. More than 5000 companies around the globe are using it and it has proven to be a highly efficient and successful tool.  


One-way video interviewing 

The most popular feature of the software; applicants answer personalised text or video-based questions at their own pace using a computer or mobile phone. Then, the hiring team can review the recordings at their leisure. It also gives multiple hiring managers access to the videos, so there is no longer a need to juggle diaries and find time to meet around a table – speeding up the screening stage considerably! The quicker process allows for more candidate submissions therefore giving you a bigger pool to choose from! 



Live video interviewing 

Like traditional video software such as Skype or Zoom, this interview is face-to-face (or rather, webcam to webcam). The hiring team either schedule a meeting or let the candidate select a timeslot that works best for them. Realtime video can be recorded and shared with your team to include anyone who missed out, allowing you to reassess the candidate and gather further feedback! 


Allinone platform 

Spark Hire allows you to track your recruitment process on single dashboard. You can organise and filter candidates by criteria, review recordings as many times as you need, schedule and reschedule interviews and have a global view of your progress – isnt this the dream of all HR teams?!  


Full of resources 

An added benefit is that employers can write tips and expectations regarding the job offer, allowing the candidate to be more effective during the interview. Furthermore, the Spark Hire website contains a huge collection of webinars, articles and podcasts to help both companies looking to hire and jobseekers looking for employment! 




What do you think?? Are you ready to take a new step into the “new normal” recruitment process? Click HERE to start using Spark Hire.

Let us know how it works for you and if you have any question by posting a comment below!


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