Our Top 6 Digital Gift Recommendations

With Christmas fast-approaching, check out our top 6 digital present ideas for your loved ones! 

Gift giving can be hard, especially in the digital-age. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of 6 exciting ways you can treat those around you for the festive season.


Most of us enjoy a good book. Having to actually individually go out and buy a physical copy of every tale we want to read – not so enjoyable.

In comes the glorious invention of the eBook. You can either send gift vouchers to your friends and family, or actually buy the eBook version of a specific book and send it to your recipient.

Online Gift Cards

Similarly, sending someone an e-gift card is a fantastic way to show your love without having to pick something you’re not sure someone else will like.

What’s a better gift than giving someone the choice to buy whatever they’d like?


Netflix, Spotify, Amazon Prime, Disney+… The list of streaming/subscription based sites are endless. And combined, can be pretty expensive, too.

To make someone’s Christmas, why not get them a year’s subscription to their favourite site?


Gone are the days of downloading games from discs – you can now purchase and download games digitally for platforms such as Xbox, PS4 and so on.


While the gift experiences themselves aren’t online, you can most certainly purchase and send them to your loved ones digitally.

Sites such as Virgin Experience Days and BuyAGift offer some amazing days out!

If all else fails…

Why not gift someone a brand new iPad, or smartphone?

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Have you got anything else to add to the list?

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