The Top 10 Considerations When Choosing Your MDM Platform

When picking an MDM Solution, it’s important to think about your company’s needs…

For those of you who don’t know, MDM or Mobile Device Management are Solutions used by IT Departments in order to monitor, manage and secure their employee’s mobile devices within the workplace.

MDM Solutions usually have features including:

  • Easy Enrollment and Authentication
  • Simple Overviews of the Entire Device Ecosystem
  • Ensuring Devices are Compliant with Policies
  • Troubleshooting Devices in Real-Time

Now that we’ve covered what MDM is, we can go over the considerations you should be making when choosing your Solution:

1. Ease of Use

You can get the most advanced solution in the world, but it’s absolutely useless you can implement it properly. You need to consider how easy it is to enroll devices, how clear and simple the dashboard is laid out, and how easy and intuitive device control is.

2. Data Security Needs

You need to think about how sensitive the data that your company is transferring between mobile devices is because every organization and every sector has a varying level of security and compliance needs.

Answer the following questions: Do you have specific privacy and security regulations?

Do you require device logs and containment capabilities?

3. What you Need to Manage and Which Devices you Need to Protect

You’ve got to figure out what your chosen software will be protecting, and what you require in order to effectively manage your mobile enterprise. Again, answer the following questions:

What devices does your company use/will they use in the future? What operating systems are in place on said devices?

How much auditing capacity do you need? Will any mobile capabilities need to be switched on or off based on location? Will abnormal behavior need to be actively looked out for

4. Application Needs

You also need to consider your organization’s Mobile Application Management.

What applications does your company need, or will they need in the future? Will you need custom-built apps? And if so, how will they need to be secured?

5. Trial

An essential to selecting your MDM plan is having a trial period. This is the only way you can test out the technical implementation and the solution on a select group of staff member’s devices.

6. Management of Security

The MDM Security Management takes charge of device security including authentication, encryption, and passwords. It also manages access to the company system when an employee leaves or loses their device.

Start your search with your already-in-place company security standards.

7. Management of Policy

MDM Policy Management decides which access levels BYOD devices will have within your company – for example, financial applications, SharePoint sites, or any confidential files or information.

8. Management of Service

MDM Service Management basically provides users and management with budgeting tools and audits expenses to users under BYOD Programs.

9. Software Distribution

You should pay attention to any management and reporting features under any MDM plan’s software distribution, specifically if you need to meet IT requirements within your company or want to distinguish between Company and Personal Devices.

10. Inventory Management 

This controls provisions and support on devices allowed into the company workspace, providing a look into which apps and programs are being used on corporate networks.

Do you have an MDM solution in place? What are your top 10 considerations?

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