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Simply Mobile, the channel that makes mobile technology simple!

In our weekly videos, we’ll show you how to get the most out of your smartphone! Don’t worry anymore about tech jargon, we're here to help you! We review and compare smartphones, apps, explain the latest rumours, and reveal secret features for your smartphone, in an easy and simple way!

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Latest iOS 16 software update and new features of 2022 with iPhone 14 cutout
Latest Apple iOS 16 Update & New Features
Apple’s iOS 16 update for 2022 has arrived, bringing with it a host of new features, functions...
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New Apple iPhone 14 Series Release
Apple is calling the iPhone 14 “their most advanced smartphone to date” – read on to...
Simply mobile smartphone guides and tutorials
Dad & Daughter Team up to Master your Mobile
Over the last few years, we’ve all had to adapt to working from home (WFH). Organisations are fully embracing...
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What is the BeReal App: The next major social media network?
Thanks to a recent explosion in popularity, you may be wondering just exactly what is the BeReal app?...
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Apple Event 2022 September - iPhone 14 Announcement & More
Learn the latest releases, rumours and anticipated announcements surrounding the upcoming Apple September...

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Dad and daughter team up to master your mobile
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