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Nokia 3310 (2017)

Look at the new Nokia 3310 front-on and there’s no mistaking the phone it is paying homage to. This looks like the younger and slightly more attractive sibling of the original Nokia 3310.

The distinctive border around the screen and the layout of the 'num' keys give you the retro throwback, but Nokia has majorly slimmed down and modernized the design, making the new 3310 supremely pocketable.

Unlike a lot of modern phones, it’s made of plastic. You may not love this design, but this is one way HMD has been able to keep the price low for the new Nokia 3310.

Considering its plastic construction, it still feels comfortable to hold and it won’t slip out of your hand like some phones made with of can easily do. During our review time we successfully avoided dropping the new Nokia 3310.

It may not be as legendarily sturdy as the original Nokia 3310, but it should be able to take a few more knocks than other phones you can buy in 2017.

Unlike your modern smartphone, there’s not much room for the display on the new Nokia 3310. Instead it’s banished to the top half of the phone and is only 2.4 inches big.

This time it’s a bright, full colour display, but the resolution isn’t particularly impressive at 240 x 320. You’ll particularly notice how low the resolution is when you’re looking at photos.

For the basic tasks that you'll want to use this for though, such as texting and calling, you don’t need a super crisp display and the screen on the new 3310 suffices.

Also note this isn't a touchscreen, so you won’t be able to tap on the screen to interact with it. You’ll need to navigate around the phone with the button below instead.


2.4″ Screen
Micro SD Card slot
2MP Camera
FM Radio
Talk Time up to 22h


Height: 115.6mm
Width: 51mm
Depth: 12.8mm


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Nokia 3310 (2017)

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