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iPhone X


As you may already be aware, the iPhone X has quite the price tag. Starting at a whopping £999 should you be buying it outright. You'll need to be happy with 64GB of storage, otherwise a jump to an eye-watering £1,149 will bag you the 256GB model.

Undoubtedly the biggest attraction of the iPhone X is the screen. It's nothing new in the wider market but this is the first time that Apple has offered a larger display on a phone that isn't simply huge.

The new display means you get a bigger screen than the iPhone 8 Plus in a much smaller handset. It's actually not that much bigger than the regular iPhone 8. With iPhone design effectively unchanged for a number of years and devices, the iPhone X suddenly looks dramatically new, refreshing and even futuristic.
With such as drastic change in the design, there are a numbers of elements about the iPhone X that are different to the normal formula.

Despite various rumours, Apple did not managed to embed the fingerprint scanner into the screen. Nor did it move the sensor to the back of the phone like a number of rivals. So you'll need to use Face ID instead.

With no Touch ID home button, the iPhone is very different to use compared to other iPhones. You'll end up using the side button a lot more, for things like summoning Siri, and also learning all the new gestures.

In general, the iPhone X is the usual iPhone shape and is only available in two colours – Space Grey and Silver. With no bezels at the front this dictates the colour of the back and frame and we much prefer the former as the Silver option has a somewhat dull grey back and garishly chromed edge which looks cheap.

The iPhone X is fairly heavy at 174g but that's still a decent chunk less than the 8 Plus. The X is also pretty thick in comparison at 7.7mm. We're not too fussed about either apart from the lack of a headphone jack despite the space for it.

It's reassuringly weighted and that's largely due to the new glass rear panel and stainless steel frame. The former is a sort of homage to earlier iPhones but serves a purpose beyond looks. You can use wireless charging on the iPhone X but be aware that this is also available on the 8 models.

Wireless charging is a very welcome addition but a glass rear cover also introduces other issues. For starters it's very slippery, both in the hand and when you put it down, and can also shatter despite Apple saying it's the toughest glass on an iPhone.
Apple Care+ costs £199 for the iPhone X so all of these things mean you'll probably want a decent case, especially considering how much you've spent on the device.

Another change in design which might seem subtle is the camera module moving to a vertical orientation. That's fine, but it sticks out more than others and means that the iPhone X wobbles on a flat surface like a table with uneven legs.
The iPhone X is IP67 waterproof so it can be fully dunked in fresh water – up to 1m for 30 minutes. Again, this is something available on the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus if it affects your decision between this year's offering.

Our Verdict
The iPhone X was a huge gamble from Apple, but one that really paid off. Losing the home button and altering the design was a dangerous move, but one that was sorely needed after years of similarity and the premium design, extra power, all-screen front mix together to create – by far – the best iPhone Apple's ever made. It's impossible to give a perfect score to something that costs this much – but this is the closest to smartphone perfection Apple has ever got.


5.8 Inch screen
iOS 11
12 MP Primary Camera
7 MP Secondary Camera
Face ID
Fast battery charging, 50% in 30 minutes
Wireless charging
Audio/photo/video editor
Talk time: Up to 21 Hours


Height: 143.6 mm
Width: 70.9 mm
Depth: 7.7 mm
Weight: 174 g



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