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Cat S61

Need a phone that just won’t break, no matter how tough the environment? A phone that can withstand anything you throw at it? A phone that makes your work far easier?

Rugged, drop tested, dustproof and waterproof – not only is the S61 virtually unbreakable, but it is also packed with all the usual tools of the trade and even some brand new features: integrated thermal imaging, indoor air quality monitoring and laser-assisted distance measuring.

With this phone, you really can take on anything!

The Cat S61’s integrated thermal imaging camera can be used to easily monitor and diagnose issues quickly, saving you time on site. It also allows you to locate heat sources of up to 400°C – even when it’s pitch black!

Use the incredible camera to diagnose damp, draught, leaks, shorts, or blockages!

All you have to do is tap your MyFLIR app on the phone to get started.

Use the Measure app on the device to measure distances and area safely and quickly!

The Cat S61’s laser-assisted distance measurement enables you to safely document measurements and record layouts, all on your screen – helping to make your work estimates far quicker and easier.

The S61 even provides you with an Air app – measuring indoor air quality!

Use this to measure the quality of air in your work area and get alerted to unhealthy levels of indoor aid pollutants. It can also be used to provide temperature and humidity readings.

With features like these, there’s no better device out there for those working in tough environments!

We can’t be forgetting the world leading IP68, Mil-Spec 810G rugged credentials!

The S61 is completely drop proof from up to 1.8 meters onto concrete. It’s waterproof up to 3 meters deep for an entire hour, it’s tough enough to cope with extreme temperatures, and it’s completely dust-proof!

Rugged, loyal, skilled, and forward – this device will withstand anything you throw its way.

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