Our Guide To Microsoft Teams

Our favourite way to stay in contact when working from home (or when you’re too lazy to walk to the other end of the office). Teams is the perfect way to stay connected at work. Whether you use it for company group chats, to schedule meetings or to exchange gifs, were here with some awesome tips. Now you can navigate Microsoft Teams like a pro.

What Is Microsoft Team?

Here is a quick introduction to teams and it’s main features!

Background Change

If you have been using Microsoft Teams for a while but want to switch it up and make things a little more interesting, then this is the hack for you. Watch our quick video to learn how to change your Teams background. Who said meetings had to be boring? This is perfect when your office or room is a mess, or if you want to make your colleagues smile.

5 Top Tips

Want your meetings to run smoothly? Here are our 5 top tips to enhance your Teams experience!

Awesome Shortcuts

We are all for making life a little easier. That is why we are obsessed with these handy Microsoft teams shortcuts!

We Have Your Back

We hope you discovered some awesome tricks to make your workday a little easier. If you would like to discover incredible business mobile phone deals then click the image below to head to our website. The only thing better than mini hacks is incredible savings!

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