Got an Old iPhone Laying Around? Now’s The Time To Sell It!

With the launch of the iPhone 11 quickly approaching, the annual price surge is back!

If you’ve got an old iPhone sitting in a drawer gathering dust, you’d better hurry up and sell it. 


Because, much like each year, prices for older iPhone models are shooting up ahead of the new handset launch in a couple of weeks.

How much are you looking at?

Depending on which device you’re planning to sell, you could be getting your hands on quite a bit of cash.

The most recent iPhones (the Xs and Xs Max) are going for a whopping £641, according to mobile comparison website Compare and Recycle.

The iPhone X and XR are also being valued at around £450!

And it’s not bad news for those with older models, either.

iPhone 8s are said to be going for between £278 and £370, and the iPhone 7 range for between £132 and £168.

Even the 6s are still worth some money, with the 6s Plus going for £116!

In any case, if you’re looking to sell your device – get a move on! As soon as Apple reveal the new range, there will most likely be a large drop in the amount that older models are likely to be bought for.

Just one example of this is the iPhone X. After the launch in the coming weeks, the resale price is expected to drop by over £43!

What do we think?

If you’re looking to buy a new iPhone when it comes out – take advantage of that locked-in price before the release – and use it towards saving on the new device!

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