Mobile Typing Speeds are Catching up to the Keyboards!

After a set of global tests, it’s been revealed that people are almost typing as quickly on their smartphones as on a laptop!

In a brand new study conducted on 37,000 volunteers across over 150 countries, it’s been revealed that mobile typing speeds are quickly catching up to keyboard speeds. 

Aalto University teamed up alongside Cambridge University and scientists at ETH Zurich to conduct the study, which has some pretty interesting results.

It was found that the average typing speed on a smartphone is just 25% slower than typing on a traditional keyboard – with users achieving an average of 38 words per minute when they used both thumbs.

While this is still a fair bit behind the keyboard, in which it’s possible to type above 100 words a minute, that’s actually a statistic that is declining quite quickly, meaning that it’s very possible that smartphone users will someday become quicker.

It was also uncovered that people using auto-correct resulted in faster typing, whilst predicitve test slowed users down.

Scientist Dr Sunjun Kim of Aalto University explained; “The given understanding is that techniques like word completion help people, but what we found out is that the time spent thinking about the word suggestions often outweighs the time it would take you to type the letters, making you slower overall.”

Even more interestingly, the study proved that typing speeds vary throughout different generations. Those in their 40s typed around 10 words per minute slower than those between the ages of 10 and 19.

It seems we’re only going to be getting faster, too!

Smartphones are constantly improving in terms of technical tricks that help users speed up their typing, just like autocorrect – and we can’t wait to see what’s in store next!

Why not take the challenge yourself?

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