The Best Mobile Apps To Help You Focus At Work

Whilst being glued to your screen all day you may find your concentration starts to waver. When your mobile phone is also a huge part of your job it can be hard to concentrate with temptations only a click or swipe away. 

Sometimes you just need a little assistance to keep you in check and as a personal reminder to GET BACK TO WORK! So, if you need a little extra nudge here are a few mobile apps to help you focus.  

What are focus apps? 

Focus apps are apps that you can install to help keep you on track throughout your workday. If you find yourself struggling to stay on track throughout the day, this may be exactly what you need. There are a variety of apps to choose from that differ in extremes. From apps that will block all tempting apps and websites to those that require some self-restraint but are there as a visual reminder to give you that much-needed little push in a more productive direction.  

Forest – The Guilt Buster 

Mobile Apps To Help You Focus

The first app and our personal favorite is Forest

This app adds an element of guilt to help keep you on track with your workload, and we cannot help but find it effective. The concept behind forest is that the longer you remain on task the more your tree will grow. So, if you break concentration your tree will start to wither and die! Combining guilt and a bit of healthy competition you almost feel responsible for ensuring your beautiful forest thrives.  

What makes this app even more exciting is that by using it you are helping to do your part for the environment. They have partnered with “Trees for the Future” to plant trees based on user interaction. So not only does it do good for your productivity levels, but for the environment.  Out of all the mobile apps to help you focus, this one has to be the most addictive.

Freedom – The Brutal Blocker 

Mobile Apps To Help You Focus

If you need that extra element of restraint, then Freedom is the app for you. This app blocks distractions on websites and apps across all your devices (you cannot cheat the system!), so is perfect for those who are easily tempted. You can create custom blocklists that cater to you and your needs so you do not have to block websites or apps that you may need to use to complete your task. They have a handy feature that allows you to schedule these restrictions as well as allowing you to start a focus session on the fly.  

Pomodone – The Time Tracker 

Mobile Apps To Help You Focus

This app is perfect for those who are a fan of the Pomodoro technique. If you are unfamiliar with this focus technique it is simply a way of effectively attacking lengthy tasks. It involves working for 25-minute installments followed by a 5-minute break. After four 25-minute sessions, you follow this with a longer break, ranging from 15-30 minutes.  

So now you are familiar with the technique, back to the app in question! Pomodone has a built-in timer that can help you track your progress and follow the scientifically tested methods yourself.  

Noisli – The Zen Master 

Mobile Apps To Help You Focus

You cannot undermine the power of a concentration playlist. Though it is not a tactic that works for everyone noise has been proven to have a significant effect on concentration levels. Noisli has a variety of sounds that will help you relax and concentrate whilst working. Soothing background noise to put you, your colleagues, or employees at ease. Connect to a speaker and let the soothing sounds wash over the entire office or plug in your headphones to create your own ambient bubble whilst at work. Helping you to remain focussed whilst relieving anxiety and stress. Perfect for drowning out annoying noises to create the ultimate working environment wherever you are, all from the comfort of your mobile. 

Opal – The Helping Hand 

Mobile Apps To Help You Focus

Finally, we have Opal. Opal is an effective application to help make your mobile phone usage intentional. Using your VPN Opal cuts off your access to the internet when you are not using your phone for the intended task. You set intentions in the app and select the timer that works for you. Perfect for cutting down excessive scrolling to ensure you complete your tasks efficiently. You can track your time and see the progress you have made with your active phone usage. So, if you like a gentle approach to productivity then Opal is perfect for you.  

Bonus App – All things Toggle 

Toggle Track is a great way to get things ticked off the to-do list and keep on top of all your tasks. To find out more watch our fabulous Youtube video below or read our blog post HERE

Time To Get Downloading

So, what are you waiting for? Download these mobile apps to help you focus and rid your workday of distractions all from the comfort of your phone. Productivity is only a download away!  

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