Keep Your Company Connected While Working From Home Using Microsoft Teams 

How can Microsoft Teams help you and your business?

In light of the Coronavirus Pandemic sweeping the globe, the world of work has turned to what seems to be the biggest work-from-home experiment in history. Instead of physically going into our places of employment, we’re now having to turn to our laptops, our phones, and put our communication skills to the test.

Here at, we’ve successfully launched our very own Remote Working Contingency Plan – and we’d love to help you and your business out too! Today we are going to talk about Microsoft Teams.  

Microsoft Teams is an application that pretty much moves your entire office on to a virtual platform. It allows communities, teams, or groups of people to join easily through invitation or URL, and is so easy to navigate. Teams is a hub for office teamwork, and there are several components to this.


Channels and Chats 

Within the application, members can set up different channels allowing employees to communicate without having to go through the trouble of attempting messy group emails and various different applications. 

You can set up channels for each of your teams, say Marketing or Accounts for example. Users within each channel can then chat, make posts, and share materials. You can send messages in group chats, or private direct messages to specific users. You’ll also be able to see when someone has read your message and when they were last active, as well as if they’re currently on the application.  

You’re also able to use connectors such as MailChimp, Facebook, Twitter, and Bing to share content directly to Teams. 



Calls and Video Conferencing 

Meetings have never been so easy. Teams provide you with the option to schedule meetings, or simply create them ad-hoc. You can phone or video call with up to 250 members in high-quality 1080p, on your laptops, tablets, or even on your smartphone on the go. 

All meetings can be recorded for future reference, or if a teaching moment is taking place – users can share their screens. So, if you’re worried about how your daily company meetings are going to take place – fret not! have tried and tested – and we can confirm it’s just as functional! 

An added benefit is that users within your team will also be able to see when a meeting is currently taking place, so no interruptions are necessary. There’s also a Microsoft Outlook plugin to invite other users into a meeting. 


File Sharing and Collaboration 

There’s a files tab within the Teams application in which you and your fellow Team Members can upload and share your work. Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, Powerpoint presentations, images and video files – you name it, you can share it. 

No need to sit huddled around a single computer screen, members can remotely collaborate and live-edit files within the app – making teamwork as easy as ever!



Worried about security?

No need to sit huddled around a single computer screen, members can remotely collaborate and live-edit files within the app – making teamwork as easy as ever!


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