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Samsung Note9   128GB

10GB of the UK’s Fastest 4G Data

Unlimited Minutes and Texts

 Use your voice & data allowance in the EU

 180 IDD Minutes and Texts to the EU



Only £34

10 GB of UK Data

Say goodbye to the days of constant buffering of web pages just to be told the page cannot be loaded!

Say hello to the super-fast 4G UK data with 10 GBs for you to use at will, do what you want when you want at the touch of a button on the UK’s fastest 4G.

Stream videos, play games on the go, or connect with customers or partners through live video at unbelievable speeds.

Unlimited Minutes and Texts

We do not want you to ever have to worry about going over your contract limits when it comes to communicating, and interacting with clients or partners.

With this deal you will not have to, Included in this deal comes unlimited UK minutes and texts for you to talk or to text as much as you like.

Having the option to make a call or text without any charges, allows you to stay connected and makes you more accessible when called upon which could be essential.

Use your voice & data allowance in the EU

Going abroad? Not a problem, you can use your voice and data allowance abroad just like you would at home.

Make sure your business is accessible no matter where you are in Europe. With this deal you get to use your mobile voice and data allowance while travelling in Europe at no extra cost, allowing you to have maximum usage* and mobile access at all times.

So whether you are calling someone at home or in another EU country, we have you covered.

180 IDD minutes and texts to the EU

On top of using your bundle in the EU, you also get an extra 180 minutes and texts for you to use to communicate with the EU.

This means with this deal we have both directions covered just to make you more accessible and available.

Spend these 180 minutes and texts however you prefer communicating at no extra cost.

BT Sport included

Do you love either football, rugby, UFC or NBA? Or maybe you love them all! Then welcome to the home of sport.

With access at all times, and with your double speed 4G, you can watch and use the BT Sport App on the go whenever you feel like it.

BT Sport has many sports for you to choose from to watch such as 42 Live Premier League matches and every Live UFC event, exclusive to BT Sport. So join in the fun and cheer you team on the go.

Wi-Fi on the London Underground

Do you use public transport to get to and from work?

If so then we have great news! You now have the ability to connect to the London Undergrounds’ train stations Wi-Fi at no extra cost.

Make the most of those busy rush hour mornings and connect with the world via your mobile device.

Samsung Note9

10GB of the UK’s Fastest 4G Data

Unlimited Minutes and Texts

 Use your voice & data allowance in the EU

 180 IDD Minutes and Texts to the EU


Only £34

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* All prices exclude VAT * Deal is on a 36-month contract on EE * New business contracts only * Every March your Monthly price plan cost will go up in line with the retail price index * Subject to stock availability. *Line Rental achieved via Network discount of £5 per month.* Line Rental reverts to Standard Network line rental at end of agreement.