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O2 Finally Launches 5G Network – But Not Everywhere! O2 have finally rolled out their 5G Network, but unless you live in one these 6 cities, you won’t be able to access it yet!  Users living in either London, Leeds, Cardiff, Belfast, Edinburgh, or Slough will now have access to O2’s 5G Network. Don’t live in any of these cities? Don’t fret! By the year end, O2 have promised to launch the network in 20

Introducing: The World’s Skinniest Smartphone

Posted by BMc Internal on 9th October 2019
Category: Blog
Introducing: The World’s Skinniest Smartphone Android’s co-creator certainly has something new up his sleeve… If you liked the Essential Phone, then we’re curious to find out what you think about this one… Andy Rubin, co-creator of Android, is rather famed for his innovative and unique creations. Following his Essential Phone last year, rumours swirled that any plans for a 2nd-Gen version of the device had been cancelled – which he’s just shown us is definitely
Mobile Typing Speeds are Catching up to the Keyboards! After a set of global tests, it’s been revealed that people are almost typing as quickly on their smartphones as on a laptop! In a brand new study conducted on 37,000 volunteers across over 150 countries, it’s been revealed that mobile typing speeds are quickly catching up to keyboard speeds.  Aalto University teamed up alongside Cambridge University and scientists at ETH Zurich to conduct the study,

Ever Wanted to Take 3D Photos on your SmartPhone?

Posted by BMc Internal on 18th September 2019
Category: Blog
Ever Wanted to Take 3D Photos on your SmartPhone? Well, as long as you have an iPhone X or above – now you can! For a long time now, Snapchat has been leading with innovative and creative new lenses, filters, and features when it comes to taking photos with your iPhone. However, it’s now gone one step further. Snapchat will now allow users to take photos that appear three dimensional. What does it do? In

iPhone 11: The Big Reveal

Posted by BMc Internal on 11th September 2019
Category: Blog
iPhone 11 – The Big Reveal The wait is finally over. Let’s take a look at the new iPhone range! We’ve been counting down the days for months – but the wait is finally over.  Just yesterday on the 10th of September, the iPhone 11 range was unveiled at the Apple event in California and we all welcomed the iPhone 11, the iPhone 11 Pro and the iPhone 11 Pro Max to the world. Let’s

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