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New Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 & Flip 4 Release

New Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 & Flip 4 Release

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 vs Flip4 specs specifications product image

Read on and learn all the specs and features of the new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 vs Flip 4 folding smartphones…

The second Samsung Galaxy Unpacked Event of 2022 is finally here, bringing with it all the latest models to hit the market. Last February, the Galaxy S22 series was announced and later released, solidifying Samsung’s position as an industry-leading brand. On August 10th, they officially revealed the new range of flip & fold smartphones.

Specs, Features, Comparison & More

Just digging for data? Jump straight to the Fold4 vs Flip4 specs & features now. If you missed the event, watch the full live stream recap of Galaxy Unpacked below, and continue reading on for all the details about these new folding smartphones.

What has been announced?

Samsung was expected to release two new smartphones, 2 new smartwatches and 1 new set of Buds. Surely they have not disappointed! The announcement included:

  • 2 new folding smartphones
  • Galaxy Watch 5 + Pro
  • Galaxy Buds Pro2

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Otherwise, keep reading to learn all the specs and features of the Z Flip 4 vs Fold 4; starting with the most crucial piece of info…

When is the official Z Flip 4 / Fold 4 release date?

The Galaxy Z Flip 4 and Fold 4 will be released to the public on August 26th. But why wait? We’ve already got our foot in the door, pre-order them here at a discounted rate with an exclusive early bird offer, giving you some gifts such as a free storage boost and extra SIM cards!

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Galaxy Z Flip 4 vs Z Fold 4 – A New Series of Folding Smartphones

Last year, Samsung announced some of the most ambitious mobile phone designs in recent history. Although the “Z Flip 3” and “Fold 3” failed to fully captivate a worldwide market, they achieved huge success in their field; with the “Z-Flip 3 5G” reportedly accounting for 52% of the foldable smartphone market share throughout 2021.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 and Flip4 specs specifications product image

As we expected, their team aim to maintain their dominance of the folding mobile market, showcasing a new range of foldable smartphones on the centre stage. It seems the rumours were right, with the “Galaxy Z Flip 4” remaining relatively similar to its predecessor, save for some slight updates.

However, the “Z Fold 4” certainly benefits from a major design overhaul and an upgraded rear camera set-up. So with these latest developments, you may be wondering, what’s new?

What’s new?

This year, Samsung has been improving the models with some serious optimisation and hardware updates; including one of the most powerful cameras we’ve ever seen on a phone. Both models also incorporate Samsung’s latest “Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1” processor.

We’re especially excited about all the new features these upgraded dual-screen smartphones bring. We honestly can’t wait to see if their folding screens are as seamless as they look.

Samsung new folding smartphones models in various positions

Read on and find out how these new models shape up to last year’s releases:

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold / Flip Comparison – How do they compare to last year?

Want to compare the specs of the Z Flip3 vs Z Flip4 and see how they rank? Read on for a brief list of specifications relating to these new folding Samsung smartphones:

What are the differences between Galaxy Z Fold vs Z Flip Models?

So, with our brief comparison and basic specifications out of the way, let’s answer the big question… What are the main differences between the Z Fold vs Z Flip models?

Z Flip 4 vs Z Flip 3 5G

Samsung galaxy z flip4 vs z flip3
Latest Z Flip4 Release

Compared to its predecessor, this year’s Z Flip 4 claims a slightly bigger screen and higher resolution; although the key features remain largely the same. Despite this upgrade, Samsung is selling the Z Flip 4 for $999 (~£815), the same price as last year. Here are the key specs:

Z Flip 4 vs Fold 4

The main design difference between the “Z Flip 4” and “Fold 4” is the way in which they collapse. The “Flip 4” folds widthways, whereas the “Fold4” collapses in an even more impressive lengthways fashion.

However, hardware-wise, the Fold makes one of the most tempting mini PCs on the market. It packs a bigger punch than the Flip4 and seems to have far more features.

Galaxy Z Fold4 vs Fold3 standing next to S22 Ultra series
Latest Galaxy Z Fold4 Release

It even includes an incredibly powerful camera and even a taskbar. Not only this, both models claim eSIM compatibility and a bigger processor for essentially the same price as last year.

Samsung even stated that they both charge to 50% in 30 minutes. But what else is new? Here are the key features and differences between the Z Flip 4 vs Fold 4:

Galaxy Z Flip 4 vs Z Fold 4 Specs & Features:

Other than these differences, the Z Fold 4 clearly has a superior rear camera, far more features, and a better design. We had fully expected it to incorporate Samsung’s previous “Exynos 2200” processor, yet both models opted for the new and improved “Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1” from Qualcomm.

Specifications aside, we’re so excited at the precedent this sets for the future of smartphones; along with all the new features these upgraded dual-screen smartphones bring. The future is never certain, but they’re definitely giving a new meaning to the term “split screen”!

These two folding phones have a number of strengths that make them leaders in their field. Learn the benefits of each phone now from our post on the TOP 10+ Best Mobile Phones for Business.

How to watch February’s event?

Want to see the biggest announcements of the previous Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event? Watch it from the comfort of your computer or phone – view the Q1 February Event recap here:

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