Everything We Know About The iPhone 11 So Far

The anticipation has been building for months – but we’re nearly there. Let’s take a look at what we know so far..

While last year we experienced a staggered release of the iPhone X Range, it’s been said that this September – all three iPhone 11 models will be released together!

What can we be expecting?

Experts have predicted that the three phones will be as follows; the iPhone 11, the iPhone 11 Pro, and the iPhone 11 R.

It’s been largely confirmed that the iPhone 11 range will be, visually, incredibly similar to last year’s releases, with several internal updates; IOS 13, more advanced cameras, and faster processors. Battery life is going to be better, too – with the introduction of larger batteries.

It’s also said that the flagship device, the iPhone 11, will follow with the same pricing level that the iPhone XS is sold at.

The biggest change that we can be expecting, as many of you may have seen, is the introduction of three rear facing cameras on at least one of the devices – with the additional lens said to be used for greater capacity for wider angle shots.

Similarly to the iPhone X range, the 2019 line up is expected to use OLED Displays for at least two of the new handsets, continuing with a LCD display for the lowest priced device.

It’s also expected that the new devices will follow the iPhone XR in the elimination of 3D touch – instead replacing it with Haptic Touch.

Other rumored features?

This next-generation iPhone is said to have bilateral charging, much like the latest Samsung range. This means that users can use their iPhone’s to charge up other iPhone’s, or the new AirPods.

It’s also been said by Korean website ‘The Investor’ that Apple is considering offering a Pencil Stylus with the new devices!

What we won’t be expecting?


Apple had previously planned to have a 5G-ready modem for the upcoming devices, but ran into problems with Intel when producing the 5G chip – meaning the first iPhone to have 5G will most likely be the 2020 range, next year.

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