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Our larger clients arrive looking for the best options in handsets and talkplans and of course…how to save money. We LOVE to save them money and the only thing we love more is introducing them to all the business benefits they didn’t know about.

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  • What is Fleet Management?
  • Fleet management is the management of a business’s cars and vans. Fleet management tools allow companies to coordinate their business vehicles in the UK to improve safety, efficiency, reduce costs, and maintain compliance with government regulations. 
  • What are the benefits of Fleet Management​?
  • ✓ Efficient route planning, which reduces fuel consumption and increases driver efficiency. 
  • ✓ Fleet telematics track vehicle health and security and out of hours operation. 
  • ✓ Detailed and automatic mileage reports. 
  • ✓ Personalised driver scores against safety aspects such as breaking and speeding. 
  • What are Corporate Tarrifs?
  • Certain companies may be eligible for corporate tariffs which are specially built around the needs of the customer.   
  • What are the benefits of Corporate Tariffs?
  • BusinessMobiles.com apply for special discount rates for their corporate customers who meet qualifying spend, usage and account activity.  These discounts are not available elsewhere.  aspects such as breaking and speeding. 
  • What is Early Upgrade​?
  • Most businesses are locked into 24 or 36 month contracts and have the belief that these contracts must expire before they become eligible for upgrades.  BusinessMobiles.com are able to verify customers for eligibility for early upgrade. 
  • What are the benefits of Early Upgrade?
  • Refreshing your workforce with up-to-date technology is a bonus but the most important aspect of early upgrade are the potential cost savings achievable.   
  • What is Bill Analyser?
  • Bill Analyser gives you detailed insights into how employees are using their devices so you can keep track of business costs and work out ways to save money without the hassle of having to go through pages and pages of paper bills. 
  • It’s available for customers with 5 devices or more. 
  • What are the benefits of Bill Analyser?
  • ✓ Reporting on top level summaries.
  • ✓ Reporting on individual usage records.
  • ✓ Set up watch point and observations if anything is worry you. 
  • What is Mobile Device Management?
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM) 
  • allows you to remotely provide your teams with access to the right content and apps on their mobile devices, allowing them to get their work done anywhere while helping keep your business information secure and protected.  
  • What are the benefits of Mobile Device Management?
    • ✓ Secured device management 
    • access documents through a secure content hub 
    • restrict ability to cut, paste, forward and save documents 
    • delete documents and content remotely 
    • enforce policy-based access restrictions 
    • open email attachments only in secure applications 
    • Remove access to email attachments 
    • provide secure integration to SharePoint and other document repositories 
    • ✓ Application Management 
    • securely contain applications and request passcode to access 
    • distribute applications through a dedicated Enterprise App Store 
    • configure applications remotely 
    • deliver applications through a secure tunnel via the MobileIron Sentry 
    • share data only between Secure Applications 
    • control data leakage by restricting copy/paste functions 
    • remove deployed Applications and the data contained in them remotely. 
    • ✓ Secure mobile web browsing  
    • secure data-in-motion and at rest 
    • provide secure access into Intranet pages 
    • provide user and group-specific access rights 
    • restrict cut, paste and ‘open in’ functionality on web pages and Apps to protect against data leakage 
  • What is Mutli Network Solution?
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  • What are the benefits of Multi Network Solution?
  • What is Online Billing?
  • Is an online portal which lets you view your billing information across all devices.  Online billing is also available on an app from your mobile phone. 
  • What are the benefits of Online Billing?
    • ✓ Pay bills online 
    • ✓ Manage devices 
    • ✓ Check usage 
    • ✓ See additional charges 
    • ✓ Monitor usage levels 
    • ✓ Manage user permissions 
  • What is Mobile Voice Recording?
  • Many companies have historically recorded and stored phone conversations which originate on their office switch but few companies are aware that this can also be achieved on company mobile phones.  There is no need for special call recording software or a remote recorder, all recordings are routed seamlessly via the network with zero impact on call quality.  
  • What are the benefits of Mobile Voice Recording?
  • ✓ keep an accurate record of your business calls  
  • ✓ comply with the regulatory requirements of mobile call recordings set out by the FCA. 
  • ✓ resolve trading disputes and minimises the risk of rogue traders 
  • ✓ keep a record of all customer orders and distance selling verbal contracts 

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Line Rental starting from £5 per handset

✓ Unlimited Calls to landlines and mobiles in the UK,  
✓ Roam like at home in Europe, Basic MDM,  
✓ Bill analyser, Online billing,  Early upgrade,
Optional access to 5G data for sharers.


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