Enhance Your Online Meeting Experiences with Adobe Connect  

How can Adobe Connect help you and your business?

In a world that is becoming more digital every day, finding the best tools to run your business successfully may seem overwhelming.

Thats why, at BusinessMobiles.comweve come up with our own Contingency Plan and we would like to share with you the best tools weve found.  

Todaywe are going to talk about Adobe Connect 

Are you lacking an effective communications platform? Are you struggling to have board meetings? Do you need to find better ways to host team training sessions? We understand the current options out there can be limited and so Adobe Connect may just be the answer for you!  

Adobe Connect is an online collaboration tool, part of the Adobe Suite, built and designed for digital trainings, webinars and collaboration experiences. It is known as one the most secure, flexible, extensive and feature-rich virtual conferencing products. So, lets dive into it! 



With Adobe Connect, you can plan, create and host live conferences (called Rooms) and share them with an audience of up to 100 participants anywhere in the world. If offers the possibility of multiple hosts, group discussion, video conferencing, unlimited file sharing, white boarding, as well as slides and document presentations. You may be thinking this is like any other collaboration tool, but letlook at a few more distinctive features 


  • Increase the engagement of your audience by sharing multimedia, animations, large documents, audio files and high definition videos.
  • As a host, you can split the audience into separate sessions – to discuss different topics or brainstorm in smaller groups. 
  • The host of the session can collaborate privately with other hosts and presenters. 
  • Measure the engagement of your audience with live stats.  
  • Create campaigns around your webinars, produce customised registration pages and invitations emails.  
  • Record your meeting, webinar or training session, then share it with anyone who missed it or store it as a resource for future needs. The best feature here is that as you watch the recording you can fully interact with it: click on the link, download the files and copy the text that was shared.



While other collaboration tools may all look the same, Adobe Connect allows you to customise your virtual room with pods, images, layouts and branding 

Moreover, Adobe Connect has an Open Architecture which can adapt to any company. Decide what functionalities you need and customise your rooms by integrating apps and new features.

You can link your Adobe Presenter, add a countdown timer, videos from YouTube, notes and even quizzes, polls and games – so many options! You can even integrate with learning management solutions and CRMs. 

Once youve created your virtual room, save it as a template and re-use it for all your other sessions – super easy! Adobe Connect will give you a customised URL for your live conferences to make it easy to invite participants. 

Adobe Connect is accessible from Desktop App, HTML client and on mobiles 



Adobe Connect has a multi-layered security approach with built-in security, secured interactions with industry-standard AES-256 encryption and role-based controls to secure the experience. 

Customers can choose between a hosted deploymentprivate cloud deployment as a managed service or an on-premise deployment behind their firewall.  



Multiple plans are available with different functionalities regarding your need: meeting (from £40/month), webinars (from £104/month) and training (from £295/month) 

Check the buying guide for more information. 


Our Conclusion  

Adobe Connect is an easy to use, customisable and rich collaboration software. With its multitude of features, Adobe Connect is an amazing tool for online training and large-scale webinars and meetings; taking communication to the next level! 

Try Adobe Connect for free for a 90 days trial HERE. 

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