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our story

Like many businesses, BusinessMobiles.com was born out of a problem that the founders needed to solve. In 1994, whilst still students, Charmaine de Souza and her partner Richard were internationally separated, and their phone bills were intolerably large. It was unquestionable that they would communicate any less so instead they decided to learn how to “pay less for more”.  Once they learned how they were compelled to bring that knowledge to others. 

The story of BusinessMobiles.com started in 1999 in a basement on Shepherds Bush Road in London at a time when the world wanted Nokia 402s with their changing faces.

BusinessMobiles.com was the company supplying local businesses with their first WAP phones back in 2000.  Then, the company introduced customers around the country to 55 mins a day of extra productivity with a Blackberry in 2001. AND, through 12 generations of iPhone, BusinessMobiles.com has supported their customers in always getting the most for their money. 

In 2019, when most of the country had eliminated their customer service support and taken service “online-only”, the company decided to invest even more into the customer experience for its 20,000+ UK customers. Founder, Charmaine de Souza, and her team of Appticians, then created the BusinessMobiles.com YouTube Channel called Simply Mobile, which releases new videos each week aimed at helping BusinessMobiles.com’s customers learn how to use their phones better for business.  The videos target real business people with real business problems (but IT geeks will probably enjoy the channel too!). 

In 22 years of business, the company has seen the average handset grow in price from £100 to £1000 so its main mission is not just to sell you a mobile phone, but to teach you how to use it proficiently for your business!  

businessmobiles.com team

our company culture

Culture is simply a shared way of doing something with a passion.  

Our team counts less than 50 people as we like to keep it intimate and personal. Always with a positive attitude, we aspire to communication, self-development, and keep our employees engaged in a supportive and open environment. 

BusinessMobiles.com is a fun and exciting place to grow, learn, and engage with businesses who are themselves focused on growth. Our team is always experimenting with the latest smartphones, new features, and new apps to be able to highlight to our customers the resources that a mobile phone can provide their business. 

From Sales to HR and Accounting to Marketing or Customer service, we take pride in managing everything ourselves by a passionate team who truly believe in the services we provide.