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The 8 ways that you can Make the Most out of your Smartphone!

Let’s face it – smartphones are a huge part of our every day lives. But are we really using them to the best of their ability?

What’s the first thing you do in the morning, and the last thing you do before bed?

For most of us – our answer is the same. Use our smartphones.

Whether it’s to turn off or set an alarm, check the day’s weather, or reply to someone – we all rely on our phones pretty heavily in day to day activities.

And while we all tend to use our smartphones for the same reasons: internet browsing, social media scrolling, and navigating our way around – there are a few people out there that have found some more inventive ways of utilizing their devices.

Here are 8 ways that you can use your smartphone that you probably haven’t thought of:

Measure your Heart Beat

While it may sound crazy, you can actually now use your smartphone to measure your heart rate.

All you have to do? Download an app!

Using either Heart Rate Plus or Heart Rate App, you can measure your heart rate by placing your index finger on your phone’s camera and the apps will use flash to monitor your pulse and blood flow – all in a few seconds.

Both apps produce accurate, fast results – all from the comfort of your own home!

Use your phone as a Mouse or a Keyboard

Ever had a broken keyboard or mouse? We’ve all been there!

However, now – our problems have a fast solution. Download the Mobile Mouse Pro App to turn your phone into a mouse or keyboard!

The App works by turning your hand motions into mouse movements on your Mac or PC screen!

Increase your Productivity

You should know pretty well yourself – smartphones are both incredibly useful in terms of productivity but can also be a massive hindrance.

Do you ever find yourself picking up your phone to check the time and end up half an hour deep on Instagram?

Apps like Moment help you solve this!  Measuring how long you spend on your phone and showing you just how addicted you are, the app helps you avoid over-using.

Similar Apps such as AppDetox or Flipd work towards helping you stay focused and reduce the time spent on your phone.

Use your phone as your Car Keys!

Picture this – You’re late to a meeting, rushing out of the door, and all of a sudden your keys have seemingly vanished!

Here’s your solution.

Download SmartStart by Viper and connect it with your car to lock and unlock it remotely. It will also start your car, and even track its speed and location.

As long as you’ve got WiFi or Mobile Data – you’re good to go!

Thermal Imaging

Apps such as Seek XR Thermal Imager and FLIR ONE now enable both Apple and Android users to use their cameras for thermal imaging.

Both Apps allow you to detect electrical faults, variations in heat, and spot potential leakages – not to mention seeing in the dark!

Pretty useful, huh?

Discover where your Money disappears!

It’s not too uncommon to check your bank balance expecting to see a certain number and come away shocked. Tracking your spending can be difficult!

Times have changed, though.

Apps such as Expense Manager, Money Saver, and Daily income Expense Manager will monitor all of your expenditures and review them for you daily, weekly, monthly, and so on.

Control your TV

We’ve already covered the ‘losing your keys’ story – now let’s get into the ‘losing your remote’.

It’s time to let go of the days of remote-hunting. Your smartphone can actually double up as remote control – so long as it has an infrared option.

You can dowload Apps such as Android TV Remote, Amazon Fire TV Remote, and more!

You’ll never waste time searching again!

Let your phone be your translator!

Long gone are the days of dictionaries – Apps such as Google Translate are here to save the day!

You can simply use the microphone on your device to speak into the App and voila – your smartphone will translate what you’re saying into the other language.

You can even aim your camera at a piece of text you wish to translate and the app will quickly do it for you!

With 100 languages built into the app – you should be covered no matter where you travel!

What do you think? Which one of these 8 tricks will you be using?

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