6 Signs It’s Time For A New Phone

It can be hard to part with your beloved mobile phone, but sometimes you are desperately in need of an upgrade, more than you realise. If you are prone to ignoring warning signs then we are here to present you with 6 signs that it’s time for a new phone. We get that it can be hard to let your old phone go, with your mobile being such a big part of your life saying goodbye is never easy. But because your mobile is essential it is for that very reason that you deserve the best.

So read on to find out if it’s time to finally let go of your old outdated mobile.

1) Poor Battery Life

This is the main sign you are in desperate need of an upgrade. If you find your phone battery is drained from minimal usage then it’s time to get a new one. Nothing is more frustrating than being tethered to a plug or constantly worrying about your phone dying on you. So ditch the portable charger that’s been weighing you down; it’s time for a new phone. You deserve a mobile phone that will get you through the day all in a single charge.

2) Cracked Screen

Cracks on your screen are not only unsightly but can also be dangerous. If you continue to use a phone that is cracked you may be creating little cuts on your fingertips, damaging the phone further, and even exposing yourself to greater amounts of radiation. No one wants that! You may have come accustomed to the large cracks in your screen, but you will definitely notice the difference once you get a fresh screen in your hands. And you know it’s time for a new phone when you can no longer clearly see what you’re typing. So save yourself and others the pain of trying to decipher your messages and upgrade today. If you want to learn more about the dangers of a cracked screen click HERE.

3) Constantly Shutting Down

What’s worse than running out of battery? Having your phone constantly shutting down on you randomly (this always seems to happen at the worst time). In the middle of an important phone call, long email or message and poof she’s turned off. Not only are the random shutdowns infuriating, but the time it takes to turn back on is agonising. Now you do not want to get to the day that it never turns back on so it’s best to get the replacement now before you are caught well and truly off-guard. Get a new phone that is a little more predictable and consistent… for all the good reasons.

4) No More Storage

No matter what you do, what you delete, if you can not escape that horrid warning that you are nearly out of storage then it may be a sign to get a new phone with a larger storage capacity. If you want to learn more about all things storage then you can check out our article on it HERE. It’s time to never worry about running out of storage ever again.

5) 3G < 4G & 5G

If you look at your phone and see that you are still only just connecting to 3G then you are in desperate need of a new phone. 4G brings content 10 times faster than 3G, and don’t get me started on the benefits of 5G. With a new phone if 4G and 5G is available in your area then you are able to access data even faster than before. Interested in learning more about 5G? Click HERE to read our article on everything you need to know about 5G.

6) Too Old To Update

And lastly, you know it’s time to say goodbye when your device is too outdated to download the latest software and updates. Without the latest software, you may be prevented from using certain apps, miss out on cool new features and see the overall performance of your mobile start to deteriorate. You may find that the speed of your phone starts to slow down dramatically making it a chore to use. Remember if you can’t get the latest software it means you are being left behind, and nobody wants that!

Bring On The New Phone

Now you know the 6 signs it’s time for a new phone, do any of them apply to you? You and your old mobile had a great run but now it’s time to say goodbye to the old, and hello to the new! Choosing a new luxury handset is always a treat, but if you are feeling overwhelmed then we got you! We make finding business mobiles phones easy. At Businessmobiles.com our team of experts is ready to help you every step of the way. Click the image below to grab yourself a free consultation and take one step closer to your shiny new mobile!

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