When can I buy a 5G phone? 

Superfast 5G mobile broadband promises much, but there’s a major drawback:  We’ll all now need to buy new phones. Eeeek! Will the extra expense be worth it?   And when can we get one? 


5G promises much. But there’s a catch…

5G  the promise of superfast broadband speeds to your mobile phone. It sounds exciting… but wait.

In order to benefit from superfast mobile (which is due for launch over the next couple of years) unfortunately, we’ll all need to buy new phones.


Plus (as we know with all new technologies) the reality is those first models won’t come cheap either!

These hi-tech marvels will need a far more complex antenna, a whole new chipset for sure…. and better battery as a way of managing the extra energy richer 5G services will gobble up.

But with 5G-compatible phones likely to start selling from “around $600-$700 (£458-£534)”, according to David McQueen from ABI Research – Samsung, Apple and Huawei prices will be “much higher”

“We think 5G will kick off another wave of innovation that we haven’t seen in the last three or four years,” he says, something akin to the shift from clunky physical keyboard-based models to those with high-definition touchscreens.

But will we bother to fork out the extra cash?

The reality is it all depends on how impressed we are with the new generation of services.

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