VOIP – Voice Over Internet Protocol

Some of the benefits of VOIP include phone portability, cost saving and ensures business has no boundary.

Voice Over Internet Protocol is a technology that allows individuals and businesses to connect their mobile or traditional telephones through an Internet enabled platform. This allows you to receive voice calls at a lower cost while also offering a variety of features that may be key to achieving marketing and communication success.

The technology captures voice signals and converts them into digital format which is why it can be sent through the Internet. Understanding all the benefits and advantages associated with VOIP can be key to appreciating why just about any business regardless of size should incorporate its use.


The Benefits of VOIP

Before installing this system to your own business it is wise to have a look at some of the benefits that are commonly associated with it. Keep in mind that the benefits may be applicable in their entirety or to a point depending on the type of business model that the systems are used in.

Uses old and new equipment – when you decide to use this system for your business you do not have to discard old telephones. Instead there are a few hardware that you can add to make old telephones compliant. It is also true that voice over IP systems are futuristic in nature meaning they are capable of incorporating new technologies as time goes by.

Cost savings – saving of costs in any way possible is one of the strategies that good managers use to ensure businesses remain profitable. The integration of voice over Internet protocol can be a good way to cut down on the costs that are often associated with traditional telephone connections.

This technology drastically lowers the rate of long distance telephone calls. Another way this technology reduces costs is by requiring fewer hardware and manpower. However, it is important to point out that the initial cost of setting up this type of system may require a significant amount of money. This system can be ideal for both small and large businesses because the costs fall within reasonable ranges.

The scalability aspect – as your business grows the need to have better equipment for proper service delivery is increased. On the other hand when a business is not doing well and must be sustained by reduction of manpower or departments it may be difficult to get rid of already acquired equipment which are no longer in use.

VoIP systems allow you to add a mobile phone together with a line when you recruit a new employee. You can also get rid of a line in existence when an employee is let go. This makes it possible for you to avoid incurring any complications that may arise due to the trends affecting your organization.

Employee numbers follow them – hosted voice over IP telephone systems allow employees to access available online portals to reconfigure the system whenever they need to. This capability makes the system ideal for organizations that have workers that do not necessarily stay in the office but are rather spread out. In such a case telephone calls or services can be diverted to any part of the world because the system is cloud-hosted.

Easy installation – traditional telephone systems require the input of an expert who is able to make wire connections throughout the departments in the organization. The hardware required for traditional systems is also quite demanding. Overall you may have to pay a significant amount of cash to have such a system installed.

When it comes to IP telephony just about anyone can carry out the installation by following simple instructions. The system features software that is installed in an administrator computer which can then be used to configure all connections including removal or addition of telephone numbers.

Offers a variety of features – to ensure that your organization remains competitive you must be able to offer clients convenient solutions when it comes to communications. This type of system supports a variety of features that make communications cheap and effective.

Call hold, call transfers, conference calling, call hunt and auto-attendant phone menus are all available through this system. This is a sharp contrast to traditional systems that may be able to offer a handful of features. Take note that this system is capable of incorporating traditional technology such as faxing systems.

Voice mail transcription – running a business sometimes requires that you collect data and store it in such a way that it can be retrieved when needed. Modern VoIP systems give users the ability to get free transcriptions for all conversations that take place through the system. These written communications can then be retrieved by logging into a designated email. The result is that such records can be used in dispute resolution or improvement of service delivery.

No geographical boundary – traditional phone systems are limited when it comes to geographical aspects. Voice over Internet protocol on the other hand transcends geographical limitations. A company that is based in Asia can opt to subscribe to hosted services by a company that is based in the United States and still enjoy all the benefits noted here.

Compatibility with other applications – modern software used in the development of these systems make it possible for users to integrate and collaborate VoIP with other applications such as Email, web browser, social networks and instant messengers.

Video calling – another unique feature about this system is that it allows users to hold live video chats with clients or partners. This makes for a personal conversation and accurate assessment of the message the other party is trying to convey.



Choosing The Best Business Mobile Phone For VOIP System

Choosing the right mobile phones for your employees and yourself can be key to ensuring that you enjoy all the benefits associated with voice over Internet protocol systems. There are quite a number of options for you to go for which is why you may end up getting mixed up. Here are a few tips to help you pick the ideal products.

Phone battery – the type of battery that a phone has can tell a lot about the amount of time it will be operational before requiring a recharge. As your business grows so will the frequency of communications increase which is why you must pick phones that offer long life on their batteries. Reading through product descriptions or talking to your phone dealer should be able to reveal talk time and stand by time on each product that is on sale.

Storage space – the storage space that any phone has can determine the amount of data it can hold. Picking a phone that has a large internal memory is prudent. However, you should go further and seek a  device that allows you to upgrade its internal storage space depending on the needs of your business. Such a device is ideal for businesses that have the need to store a lot of information digitally.

Another issue to consider is the random access memory of your device. If the RAM is small the device may not be able to load applications quickly and may end up freezing while you or your employees are multitasking on their devices. Pick phones that have over 1 GB of random access memory.

Compatibility with service provider – there are various mobile phones that are locked to certain network service providers while there are also those that can be compatible with just about any network. Before you pick any device find out if it is compatible with the network provider that will be offering voice over Internet protocol services.

Screen size – considering what your employees will be using phones for can help inform your choice of screen size. To enter data quickly into the device and save or send it to clients or any other place you may have to pick phones that have larger screens. This makes it easier for your employees to type information. Phones with smaller screens are ideal for voice calls and short messages only.

Camera quality – the quality of the camera that is integrated into the phone is another issue you need to carefully consider. If your employees will be taking pictures of products before displaying them on social media platforms for marketing purposes you need to pick phones that have cameras of 8 megapixels and above. The same is applicable for cases when you will be video conferencing and use the camera on the phone.

Phone features – the features that your phone has are a general guide to what you should pick. It is advisable that you go for devices that are able to run programs or applications that are relevant to your business. This may include applications such as word creators, video calling apps, social media and security applications.

Durability – when picking the right devices ask about measures that are taken to ensure durability. The screens should be made of high quality glass while the back cover should be made of quality metal or plastic cover that is able to withstand shocks or pressure in case of incidents such as knocks or falls.

The pricing – it is not prudent to go for devices that are overly expensive because they do not necessarily do anything unique when compared to those that are available at a reasonable rate. Once you have considered the issues mentioned above compare the rates at which phones that meet such specifications are offered. Pick devices that are available at an average market rate.

Charging speed – there are some mobile devices that are designed with modern technology that allows them to charge within a few hours. This can be ideal for people that want to charge their devices in a hurry. It is worth pointing out that some offer wireless charging options.


Why You Should Subscribe to Services From BusinessMobiles.com

Once you have made your selection for the best mobile devices to give to your employees the next task involves choosing the right contract provider for your needs. There are a variety of options to choose from. However, Business Mobiles comes across as one of the better options. This is because of the multiple benefits associated with its service delivery and business model. Here is why this company is held in high esteem by clients.

Offers a variety of phones – this company has a large inventory of mobile phones making it possible for just about any business to get the ideal devices. Customers can view these devices through the company’s website and once they identify the best products all they have to do is place an order and have it delivered to the place of convenience.

The phones can be delivered within two hours in cases where a business requests fast delivery. It is important to note that the company has customer care staff that are always on hand to give guidance on the best choice of devices. This they do after listening to the needs of the client and understanding the type of business model that will be using these devices.

Offers contracts for all networks – unlike most of the companies in the market today, businessmobiles.com provides contracts on all mobile networks. This means they are able to give unbiased advice regarding the best network to opt for when you want to get VoIP services at a reasonable rate without compromising on the quality of services you receive.

The company will give a detailed report on why Vodafone may be better than O2 or EE network. Of course each of these network providers is unique and has a few strengths over the rest when it comes to service delivery.

UK based customer service – there are quite a number of service providers that outsource their customer care jobs to offshore companies. However, Business Mobiles believes that having its department based in the United Kingdom is key to getting first-hand experience regarding the issues that may be facing clients.

When you get in touch with any inquiries you can be sure to get real time response depending on the method of contact you use. The customer care department is made up of highly qualified personnel who will quickly grasp your needs and advise accordingly.

Caters to all types of business – this service and product provider is designed to cater to the needs of small to large business entities. Whether you have 2 or 1000 employees you can be sure to find communications solutions from this company. It is worth pointing out that it also has personnel that are able to work with different business models to enhance profitability.

Pricing – a casual comparison of this company with others in the market will quickly reveal that it is one of the most competitive when it comes to pricing. The company allows clients to sign contracts with a network provider that is best suited to offer innovative solutions without being overly expensive.

The management of the company try as much as possible to implement strategies that help keep prices within affordable ranges because that is the only way to ensure that both the company and its clients remain profitable.

Independent advise – because Business Mobiles is a company  that depends on the success of its clients it has come up with a department that houses a number of experts in the world of business. These individuals come up with unique and innovative strategies to help enhance profitability of client businesses.

The experts provide timely advise, tips and gives updates on the latest in the world of technology. This allows clients to develop sound strategies for marketing, communications and partnerships. The result is overall profitability for all parties involved.

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