Business Mobile Phone

The right business mobile phone can be key to proper marketing, communications, networking and staying informed.

Whether you are running a small start-up or have grown to a medium to large business entity.

Choosing the right business mobile phone can be key to getting benefits such as better communications with clients, access to modern marketing tools, networking with people that can help boost your sales and staying informed on the latest trends in the world of business.

There are quite a number of mobile devices you can opt for.

However, you need to know exactly how the device you pick is likely to impact on your business.

It is worth pointing out that picking the best phone contracts can be a good way to stay connected without necessarily having to spend too much cash on a monthly or yearly basis.


Why you need business mobile phones
Enhances communications – for any business to achieve success there must be efficient communications within the organization. All employees should be able to send and receive timely messages.

The right device not only allows internal communications within the organization but also makes it possible for clients to get in touch and have their concerns addressed.

Proper communications can be an ideal way to resolve disputes, create awareness regarding a new product or service, troubleshoot problems and present a professional image for your business.

Marketing solutions – unless you conduct an aggressive marketing campaign you may end up losing out on a large share of the market.

Keep in mind that your competitors are going all out when it comes to marketing strategies.

The right business mobile device allows you to create marketing messages through applications that are inherently present in the device or those that are installed.

Such tools enable you to take and edit images and videos. These tools can also be used to create marketing messages or articles.

You can then present the marketing material through various techniques including short message campaigns, social media sharing and website presentations.


A mobile device allows your marketing to be cheap, convenient and modern meaning most of the people using the Internet or owning mobile phones are able to consume your marketing messages and possibly subscribe to your services or purchase your products.

Networking is made easy – casual chats with various people in business can reveal just how important networking can be.

If a friend is dealing in the sale of spare parts and gets a client that wishes to hire a vehicle and you are in the vehicle leasing business the friend can easily pick up the phone and inform you of the potential client.

This networking technique has been tried and proven to show that it yields tremendous results. Without a mobile device your network partners may not be able to give such helpful information.

Additionally when you direct people to other businesses they are likely to reciprocate the good gesture and that can ensure that your business quickly grows into a strong establishment.

Access to information – as a business person the last thing you want is to open up shop and relax. Business is dynamic which is why you need a way to stay informed about the latest developments.

An ideal mobile device allows you to access information through various platforms including social media and business resource websites.

Finding information is quite simple because you just have to enter a few words into a search engine and read about what other people are doing.

Makes compliance with the law simple – there are certain requirements that you must meet to remain operational as a business entity.

These may include application for a business permit, renewal of license and payment of taxes. You can do all these things conveniently on your mobile device.

Can boost productivity – business establishments that do not integrate the use of mobile phones may be profitable to a point.

However, there is no limit to the profitability of a business establishment that invests in mobile connectivity. Not only are you able to place orders for stock at any time but you are also able to receive customer orders throughout the day and night.

You are able to remain connected to clients throughout meaning your business can offer products and services on a 24 hour basis.


Enables online transactions – as a business owner it is important for you to realize that online transactions have become quite popular.

This means that people are able to buy or sell products and services through the Internet. Having the right mobile phone makes it easier for you to send or receive online payments.

Boosts the morale of your workforce – providing your employees with modern devices allows them to offer better quality services. Such devices may be used for personal communications or entertainment during their free hours.

This is likely to boost the general morale of the people that you have employed.

Enhances security – there are certain applications that can be installed on the mobile device to help boost security.

Any time a transaction takes place you will receive a notification on your phone and this can help you keep track of finances.

There are also certain applications that can be connected to CCTV camera installed in your business premises.

These allow you to watch whatever is happening at your business premises in real time.

Choosing the right business mobile device

Before making up your mind on what device to pick consider the details outlined below.

Identify your business needs – knowing what you will be using the device for can help you select something that is designed to cater to your needs.

There are mobile devices that are able to function exceptionally both locally and internationally.

If you are the type of person that travels a lot choose something that will work regardless of your location.

Type of phone – there are three main types of mobile phones analog, digital and dual-mode phones.

Analog phones do not have modern features such as Internet connectivity and may not be able to run modern applications.

Digital phones are trendy and can be used for a wide range of business functions. Dual-mode phones integrate both analog and digital features.


The type of battery – not all phones run on the same type of battery which is why you should be careful when picking the ideal phone for your business.

If you pick a phone with nickel cadmium battery you are likely to spend a little cash, get just over two hours of talk time and charge frequently if you use the phone a lot.

Nickel metal hydride batteries offer slightly longer talk time and are available for both analog and digital phones. Phones with lithium ion batteries are modern and provide up to five hours of talk time.

Features of the phone – the features that are available should be another consideration that you make. Devices that allow you to connect to the Internet are highly recommended for business people.

The device should be able to run applications such as word processors and social networking apps.

The size of the phone – the physical size of the mobile device you pick should be the next thing you analyze.

Do not go for something that is extremely big and may cause inconveniences when you have to move from one place to another.

Devices with a screen size ranging from 3 to 12 inches are highly recommended.


Internal features – to ensure that you can multitask and run large applications on your device you need to pick a product that has a large random-access memory or RAM.

The device should also have a large internal storage that can be upgraded for more storage space.

Durability – the ability of the device to withstand rugged use and external elements should be an added plus. Pick a device that features a strong glass or plastic screen.

The back cover should also be strong enough to withstand shocks and unfortunate incidents such as drops.

Brand – buying a mobile phone should also be based on brand. Avoid little known brands because they may either be counterfeits or low grade devices which may end up getting damaged within a short time of use.

Instead buy a device that is manufactured by a brand that is well known and trusted by a majority of people.


Compatibility with provider – there are certain phones that are designed to be compatible with select network providers.

There are also a variety of devices that are not preset to a network provider giving you the freedom to choose the network you want to subscribe to.

Take note of expert reviews – if you are unsure about the device to choose for your business needs it may be wise for you to listen to what experts have to say.

Reading through reviews or listening to informative videos that discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the various phones in the market can be a good way for you to learn about the best product for your business.

Why is a good option for a phone contract

Once you have selected the best device for your business the next step is to choose a contract provider that is able to facilitate your success through provision of exceptional products and services. is one service provider that particularly comes to mind because of the multiple benefits associated with its service delivery.

Offers guidance on the right business mobile phone – if you are still unsure about the most suitable device for your business you will be pleased to learn about the assistance you can receive from the employees of this company.

Once you get in touch a customer representative will take note of the kind of business you operate and possible needs you may have.

The professional will then give recommendations with elaborate details on why certain types of phone are ideal for your type of business.


Offers mobile phones – once you have made up your mind on the device you want this company will let you choose from its large inventory.

With reputable brands available at affordable rates you can be sure to get a device that will help you enjoy all the benefits associated with mobile connectivity.

The company offers delivery services on the same day that you place your order.

Exceptional customer care – as a customer the last thing you want is to wait for more than five minutes before your call is picked and responded to.

This company has a team of professional customer care individuals that are always on hand to respond to inquiries.

Whether you reach out through email, telephone or live chats you can be sure to receive feedback within the shortest possible time.

The team of customer care representatives consists of people that are friendly and clear in both voice and written speech.

This means that your interaction with the company will make you understand just about everything you would like to know.


Freedom to choose a network – unlike other companies in the market allows clients to choose a network that they deem most suitable.

The company will give you all the details regarding the advantages and disadvantages of the different network providers in the market.

This information will help you make an informed decision without being swayed by flowery words or marketing pitches.

The company offers contracts on all networks which is why it is able to give unbiased information to help you save as much money as possible on your contracts.

Caters to all business sizes – the company offers tailor-made solutions for all types of business needs.

Whether you are a small start-up with one or two employees or a large entity with over 500 employees you can be sure to get the best mobile deals from this company.

It is worth noting that each client is assigned a dedicated account manager that is knowledgeable in the type of business in question.

The account manager will offer support every step of the way to ensure that you remain profitable.


Contract buy out – if you are stuck with your old mobile contract which seems to be offering little or no impact to your business and have no idea how to get out this company has the solution.

Clients are able to receive help through the buyout option which allows the company to buy out clients from their old mobile contracts.

Once the buyout process is finalized you will be able to subscribe to a new contract and get a brand new handset that is ideal for your business needs.

Affordable costs – as a business owner you probably want to cut down on as much spending as possible which is why you are looking for affordability when it comes to mobile phones and contracts.

This company takes a look at the overall bill you pay instead of focusing on the lowest line rental. This is why it is able to come up with packages that are quite competitive in the market.

A quick comparison with various service providers in the market will reveal why this company has managed to grow and win over 24,500 clients.


Experience – established over 18 years ago this company has remained steadfast in its service and product delivery.

The years of work have enabled it to form strong partnerships, refine its service and product delivery strategies and come up with innovative solutions to client needs.

When you subscribe to the services offered by the company you can rest assured of quality and innovation to keep your business profitable.

Advise from business specialists – this company’s employees know that to remain subscribed to services offered your business must be profitable.

That is why there is a team of specialists that are dedicated to offering some of the best advises regarding latest technologies and how you can integrate them to your business.

Employees realize that helping clients make more profits is key to keeping operational.

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