Travel on Business? You’ll love the new Translation headphones 

Pixel Buds’ translation feature is now launching on all headphones with Google Assistant 

Google Buds


If you Travel with Business. You going to love this news….

Google blew our socks off when the Pixel Buds’ flagship feature, its ability to translate languages at the press of a button, appeared.

But now we have even better news….

It is now said to be coming to every pair of headphones that have Google Assistant built in.

The functionality was quietly announced via a change in the text of Google’s support page for the Pixel Buds, which now reads:

“Google Translate is available on all Assistant-optimized headphones and Android phones.”

But as always…. it all depends on how impressed we are with this new Generation of services.

This awesome Feature, which was previously exclusive to Google’s own Pixel Buds, actually allows you to translate between 40 different languages. You can then use an Android handset as a speaker to translate your responses.

This is amazing if you travel overseas on Business – right?

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