Top 3 iPhone Apps
(with Augmented Reality).

Do you wear Glasses? If you do – you’ll absolutely love App number 2
in our Awesome augmented reality Apps for the iPhone X…

Love your iPhone X  ?  Well you’ll love it even more with these amazing new Augmented reality Apps

We are going to be showing you our top three favorite Augmented Reality apps on the iPhone 10

Taking it from the Top….

1) House Crafts

The first one is “house crafts” . It’s an AMAZING app that uses your device camera and the power of Augmented reality to let you place rendered 3D models anywhere in your world.

The App lets you get you a good idea of how different things would look in your space –  say like a new couch, a new fireplace,  that table you’re thinking of buying – stuff like that.

Now you can see them in your house before you buy it!

This app does work on other iPhones – but it has recently been redesigned to work with the iPhone 10 and it works far better on the iPhone 10 than it does on any other device.

2) Glasses by Warby Parker

The next app is called Glasses by Warby Parker and this is by far one of the coolest apps we have ever used.

Essentially what this app does is it scans your face and it looks at your facial features to determine what would be the best glasses to fit your face.

How cool is that!

They’ve got a lot of different design you can customize them I promise they aren’t sponsoring this video but they are seriously one of the coolest apps we have ever seen.

And the last App is called…

3)  Live Wallpaper

…now this app has currently just blown up and it’s number five in the lifestyle categories on the App Store.

It recently just got optimized for the iPhone 10 to include really cool wallpapers that use the notch at the top. The only downside of this app is there are ads and pop-ups that come up. They do have a week free trial where there’s no ads so there is a free version.

The cool thing is even though it’s a “Live wallpaper” you can still use it as a still or dynamic if you want to and it’s super easy to do…. so if I only use this wallpaper here just click save it’ll say the picture is safe to your gallery.

You just navigate over my setting and then wallpaper and then choose new wallpaper…. and then BAM!

You have this one right here now that you can have it as a live photo to see how it looks.

You can adjust it if you want to but it’s already scaled to be optimized with the iPhone 10.

So there you go!
….That’s all we have for today’s video.  Ou top three “Augmented Reality” apps that are optimized for the iPhone 10




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