Our Top Three Tips To Boost Your Video Marketing

Video marketing is vital in attracting more customers to your products or services. Here are the BusinessMobiles.com top three tips to help you boost your video marketing!

  1. Product feature / how to?

Have a quick product feature you want to show off? Or maybe you want a quick how-to video? Short and snappy videos can be just the thing to grab the viewers’ attention, which leads them to trying or buying your product or service.

A quick 60-to-90-second video that delivers nothing but the facts, often with a catching soundtrack. Short videos don’t normally need a voice over as the visuals usually show what you would need to say, just a little bit of editing and a title screen and you’re done.


  1. About us

Almost every website has one, and most of them are the same old story. Adding a video can uplift your page and give it a little something that not every about us page has.

Making the video can be very simple, all you need is a smartphone and a tripod. Using as many people as possible will also work to your advantage as it gives the viewers a better insight into your company.

In regards to editing, again another background soundtrack would do the trick with a few titles of the person who is on screen.


  1. Feature demo

Actions speak louder than words sometimes, especially when it comes to showing off your product. Instead of talking them through a guided tour of your product, show them!

You can show in detail exactly what the benefits are of your products and what they can do. With a demo you can also zoom in or enlarge specific features that you want to highlight. This is a great way to show your viewers how each of the features can benefit them when using your product or service.


Follow these three tips and make your potential customers interact with your business.

The BusinessMobiles.com team.

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