The Big Debate – Android or Apple?

There has been a long-term debate about which is better – Android or Apple? We’re here to help find which operating system is best for you.

Choosing between Android and iOS can be a headache, who do we choose?!

Our mobile phones are one of most treasured possessions, we hardly ever leave the house without them, and we panic when we think we’ve lost it – Right?

But with that comes the big decision of Android or Apple?

Of course they both have their pros and cons – but we’re here to help solve your problem, to try give you some more information to make the right choice.


What Is Great About Android?

There is no doubt that the latest Android phones are some of the best mobiles on the market.

The Samsung Galaxy S8, Note 8 and the Google Pixel 2 – are all great mobiles.

But what do all these Android mobiles have in common?

Android mobiles tend to come with the option to have expandable memory, an external SD card that can double your storage allowance.

On the other hand, Apple devices do not allow expandable memory and have a set amount of storage – 32GB / 64GB / 128GB / 256GB.

With the iPhone X also being around the £1000 mark, ALL Android handsets are currently cheaper than the latest iPhone.

Furthermore, if your Android device were to experience some power issues – you have the option to take the battery out and replace. With Apple devices you do not.

Within the devices themselves, customisation is also better on an Android device. For example, changing the layout, backgrounds, colour schemes etc. can really make the device feel yours.

Samsung have also introduced Virtual Reality into their line of products too, the Samsung Gear Headset allows VR through your Samsung device.

Please see our blog about Virtual Reality for more information.

Not only have they introduced VR before Apple, but they have also added features in their devices that Apple either followed up on, or have yet to implement.

For example, the wireless charger was a huge step for mobiles – which Samsung kick started and has been now introduced by Apple for the new iPhone models.

Other features such as water and dust proof protection, and the option to split screen have also been introduced by an Android device.


But What About Apple?

The beautiful thing about an Apple devices is its ease of use.

Whether you are transferring from an Android to an Apple handset, or from one Apple device to another – adapting to the interface and where everything is very simple.

With this comes Apple’s ability to link devices – using your iCloud account across all your devices allows sharing of pictures and videos very fluent, you can have the same files on whatever device you are using.


Time To Get Technical…

The A11 Bionic chip within Apple devices beats any chip in an Android mobile, this makes Apple phones quicker to use and opens larger files faster.

Apple devices also come with built in virus protection, viruses are always a worry for users and their devices, so having the built in security puts you at ease when using your mobile immediately.

Apple also introduce system updates every few months, which is a guarantee – and with every update, it makes your mobile look and feel even more beautiful to use.

The ‘App Store’ is one of Apple’s main selling points, they have several categories for apps and games and with its slick usability, you can find everything you want and the touch of a button.

Not only this, but the App Store also get the best apps before the Google Play Store on Android.

In 2014, Apple introduced ‘Apple Pay’ to the world which was a huge success – whether you are paying to get on the bus or in a rush to get a coffee, within seconds you can pay from your Apple device rather than using your bank card or cash.

Following the success of Apple Pay, Android introduced ‘Android Pay’ onto their compatible device, however Apple Pay still takes the top spot as not everywhere accepts Android Pay yet.


The Customer Experience

You will agree when I say, it is very annoying when your phone stops working – and so you really need to speak to someone ASAP to fix it?

Apple’s support teams are the best in the world, and they have stores worldwide that can always help.

Walking into an Apple store is an experience – which oozes through into their products making the brand a classy and reliable mobile manufacturer.

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