8 Smartphone Features That We Really Didn’t Ask For 

Check out the not-so-necessary features down below… 

As the competition gets fiercer, smartphone providers fight to out-do each other by adding new features with each release. Below are some that perhaps we didn’t need…

1)      Wireless Charging

While the concept is great – the reality of it really isn’t.

The latest iPhone and Samsung devices all come with the feature of wireless charging, meaning that there’s no longer any need to plug in your phone to recharge the battery, which sounds great… until you find out that the ‘charging pad’ used instead still needs to be plugged in, either way.

On top of that, it’s incredibly difficult to use your phone whilst it’s charging, since you can’t actually pick it up from the pad. Even worse? It’s actually said that wireless charging is slower than the original method!

… I think we’ll be sticking to our charging cables.

2)      No More Headphone Jacks

If you have an iPhone, you’ll know that Apple has replaced all headphone jacks on their newer devices with a combined charging/headphone port for dual use.

Which again, sounds great – until you need to charge your phone and listen to music at the same time.

It’s also meant that millions of customers now have heaps of incompatible headphones, since the original round plug will no longer fit.

But hey, gotta get with the times, right?


3)      Selfie-Mode Flash

It’s 2019, everyone loves a selfie – but is a front-facing camera flash really necessary?

While the flash on the back-facing camera manages to deliver high quality images,

it doesn’t quite work out the same the other way around.

Selfies taken with the front-facing flash on usually come out over-exposed, blurry, or otherwise generally low quality.

Great idea, but certainly needs some revisiting.


4)      Apple’s Animoji

While intended as more of an ‘entertaining’ feature than a ‘useful’ one – Animoji still serves very little purpose… or entertainment, for that matter.

Animoji is one of the more recent features of IOS, an animated emoji that mimics the user’s facial expressions via the camera’s Face ID into various 3D emojis, that can be filmed with sounds and sent to others. Samsung even followed suite with their own ‘AR Emoji’.

Our conclusion? We probably didn’t need this.


5)      Voice Assistants

The idea of being able to speak to your phone and have it complete requests for you is incredible, but the actual feature doesn’t exactly work as


The reality of it is that most smartphone voice assistants, take Siri or Bixby for example, fail to comprehend basic speech, or require a passcode or visual confirmation before they complete a request – which really takes away the purpose of it, doesn’t it?

What’s the point of being able to tell your phone to do things if you have to pick it up anyway?


6)      Notch

A notch, or as you probably know it, the ‘black area at the top of your smartphone screen’, is widely disliked by pretty much all smart-phone users.

While the notch ‘houses’ the front-facing camera on the iPhone X, many view it as highly unnecessary – just an area taking up space that could’ve been used for more screen.

Is it an integral part of ‘the look’, or is it just a plain old waste of space?

7)      Slow, Slow-motion Video

The most popular smartphone devices now offer the feature of super slow-motion video. An interesting concept, but does anyone actually need it? Or even use it?

While it’s a great, humorous feature to advertise – who actually spots something and decides to whip out their phone and film it in super slow-mo?


8) Too Much RAM

While there are many great features on smartphones that users would truly benefit from an increase of, improved battery life and more storage space, for example – the increase of RAM really doesn’t make much noticeable difference to anyone.

Smartphone providers love to advertise their larger amounts of RAM on new devices, but do we actually need it?



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