Stop using up your Mobile Data.

Getting Big bills? Discover which Apps are sucking up your Data Allowance

Do you keep getting “BIG Bills” because you keep Going over your current Data Allowance every month?

Or do you KEEP having to Stopping using heavy Data Apps like Facebook, Spotify, etc just because you’re Running out of Data allowance?

If so, watch our Step-by-Step Video Guide to Discovering which Apps are using up all your Data

Mobile Data is great.  We all love it.  Thanks to 4G we can literally do anything now on our Mobile devices. We can Download music on Spotify, Navigate with Tomtom, Watch Videos from BT, you name it. It’s brilliant.

The only issue is all things keep using up your Data.

Discover which Apps are “Using  up

all your Data”

Is this you….?

You keep getting Big Bills due to Data useage…?  Or You run out of Data every month and have to limit your mobile Data…?  Or do you feel frustrated, because you feel like you just don’t have enough Data for your needs…?

If so

Watch our Awesome and helpful Video (below) that we’ve made just for you

….or follow our step-by-step guide, which can be found below the video; and Discover which apps are using up all your Data.

Watch the Video – Step by Step Instructions

Also here’s our handy; Step by Step instructions on how to resolve the issue….

Good luck

Follow written Step-by-step Guide

of How to Fix.

Step 1:

Click on “Apps”

Step 2:

Click on “Settings”

Step 3:

Click on “Data Usage”


Step 4:

At Top….select the “Date Range” you want to explore

Step 5:

Scroll down to see Which Apps are using all your data

Job Done.

Now you can choose either to Delete Apps or you may decide you want to increase your Data Allowance.

Data is becoming cheaper and cheaper, here at we have some incredible data Options for you such as the Deal below.

We hope you found this useful and if you’re a busy Business owner you can find more helpful Hints, Tips and Business Expert Advice for business owners on the Business Mobiles channel on YouTube. Check it out here >>

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