Galaxy Tab Pro 12

Samsung has been known in the smartphone and tablet market for its larger screens, and the South Korean giant has not disappointed this time around by releasing the Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2.

As the name suggests it boasts a whopping 12.2-inch screen, although it’s missing the S Pen stylus of the very similar Galaxy Note Pro 12.2.

Other tablets of this screen size are few and far between, although the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 will give Samsung a run for its money in the 12-inch market.

Samsung’s continued ethos that ‘bigger is better’, has now reached a point where it is almost in a league of its own.

If you’re looking for a super-sized tablet your options are fairly limited, yet Samsung offers up the Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2.

The latter has the advantage of the S Pen stylus which is useful on screens this size, yet the Tab Pro 12.2 makes do without and it fails to really excite.

Yes it has a big screen and a whole lot of power, but build quality could be better and the sheer size of the Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2 makes it a little cumbersome to hold.


12.2″ Screen
Android Lollipop
Micro SD card slot
32/64GB internal storage
8MP Primary Camera
2MP Secondary Camera
Infrared port
Talk time up to 11Hrs


Height: 295.4 mm
Width: 203.7 mm
Depth: 7.9 mm
Weight: 730.2 g


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Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 12

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