Galaxy S6 Edge

Following in the footsteps of the Galaxy Note Edge, which had one curve along the right-hand side of the screen, the S6 Edge’s display has curves on either side. The angles are much subtler than the Note Edge’s, as Samsung’s decided to ditch the separate sidebar to make the screen appear like it’s simply falling away round the side.

The two curves still pick up no end of reflections, but the tapered edges feel great in the hand. They not only make the phone feel much thinner than its 7mm chassis might otherwise imply, but the sharper, more angular frame also provides plenty of grip. I actually prefer it to the smooth, rounded corners of the S6, which constantly felt like it was about to fly out of my hand. The S6 Edge, on the other hand, felt much more steady and secure when using it single-handed. It’s still a little slippery due to its rear glass panel, but at least the edges provide two good points of purchase.

The Galaxy S series has always been excellent smartphones, but the S6 Edge continues to put in a strong showing even a year on from its release.
Assuming you don’t mind buying something that’s not completely cutting edge, the S6 Edge’s only other serious Android rival is the regular S6. However, when both phones share exactly the same specs (bar the curved screen), it’s the S6 Edge that everybody’s going to want. It’s beautifully made, it looks fantastic and it’s a handset like no other.

It does have some downsides, namely the arguably frippery of its curved screen, but if you’re after a phone that will make others green with envy, there’s nothing else that even comes close.


Fingerprint scanner
Qi/PMA wireless charging (market dependent)
ANT+ support
S-Voice natural language commands and dictation
OneDrive (115 GB cloud storage)
MP4/DivX/XviD/WMV/H.264 player
Photo/video editor
Document editor


Height: 142.1mm
Width: 70.1mm
Depth: 7mm
Weight: 132g


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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

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