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If you take off the hard shell-style protective case that the Tab Active comes sold in, you’ll see that at the core of the product is a tablet computer just as fragile-looking as the competition. Luckily the tablet comes out of the box already in the case, sending a message you won’t need to ever break these two up. The case, which is of a hard rubber material, gives you an easy grip.

The ports at the bottom of the Tab Active are also designed with durability in mind. Micro USB 2.0 is a port I’ve long groaned at upon sight, but the build quality of this port is great.

If your office has been a place where devices are constantly breaking, I could see the need for this device. A need that would make more sense especially if team members would not need the tablet to receive a signal if they ever leave the office.

As long as those requirements are met, the amazing battery life of the Tab Active has me ready to recommend it. For general purpose Google services apps and media consumption, the Tab Active lived up to my expectations. And if your team needs to use apps or services only available on Android, such as Samsung’s Knox security, there aren’t really any other tablets that were made to survive half of what the Tab Active made it through.


8″ Screen
Dust and Water Resistant
Shock protection
Android KitKat
Micro SD Card slot
16GB Internal storage
Primary camera: 3.15 MP
Secondary 1.2 MP
Photo/Video Editor


Height: 213.1 mm
Width: 126.2 mm
Depth: 9.7 mm
Weight: 393 g


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Samsung Galaxy Active Tab

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